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Lindalee’s Doctor Who Fan Art Review – Episode 14 (SEASON ONE: FINALE)

In the Season One finale of Lindalee’s DOCTOR WHO Fan Art Review, our resident 6 year old Whovian reviews a new batch of drawings submitted from fellow Doctor Who fans around the world and gets a fun TARDIS themed fan video submission. Plus, the winner of the recent exciting Fan-Art contest is announced! And though Lindalee is taking […]

DOCTOR WHO Stars and Fans Deliver their best Dalek Impressions for Lindalee at Gallifrey One

Instead of running away from the most dangerous villains in the Doctor Who Universe, BTM’s resident Whovian, 6 year old Lindalee Rose infiltrated the 2014 GALLIFREY ONE Convention dressed as a DALEK herself. While blending into her surroundings undetected by the Dalek drones, she took the time to ask some die-hard fans and familiar faces from […]

Lindalee’s Doctor Who Fan-Art (+ Contest): Ep.13

On this episode, Lindalee showcases new fan-art sent in from Doctor Who fans around the globe, plus we find out the winner of the Matt Spangler ROBOT art contest and she offers up a couple more cool pieces of original fun fan art that YOU could win! Remember, if you have any Doctor Who inspired […]

FREE STUFF FRIDAY: Win an Autographed Original Piece of Doctor Who Fan-Art by Matt Spangler

It’s FREE STUFF FRIDAY, and just a reminder that this weekend the contest ends to win an autographed original print from California artist Matt Spangler. His cool take on a robotic 4th Doctor and his already robotic companion K-9 is really awesome. Click ahead to watch Lindalee’s latest  Doctor Who Fan Art episode for a better […]

Lindalee’s DOCTOR WHO Fan Art Review – Ep. 12 (featuring Arthur “Rory Williams” Darvill)

On this episode, Lindalee showcases fan-art from Doctor Who fans around the world, actor Arthur Darvill (“Rory Williams” from Doctor Who), plus she offers up a cool piece of fun fan art that YOU could win! During Lindalee’s recent visit to Gallifrey One, (the Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles) she met up with actor […]

Lindalee Rose at the ART OF THE TARDIS Craft Faire

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, Burbank’s famous Steampunk clothing store; Clockwork Couture threw it’s first ever, The Art of the TARDIS, Doctor Who-themed event. An homage to the famous time-lord’s famous blue box was on hand as over 25 unique vendors from in and out of state set up outside to store to showcase and […]

DOCTOR WHO’s Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) Talks & Sings with Lindalee (Extended Interview)

British Singer and Actress Billie Piper made one of her first USA Doctor Who convention appearances in Los Angeles, California over President’s Day Weekend in late February 2014. As one of the most popular of the Doctor’s Companions, it was a real treat when she volunteered to sit down for a few minutes with our […]

DOCTOR WHO’s Rose Tyler, Arthur Darvill and MORE at GALLIFREY ONE with Lindalee

With the ever-growing popularity of Doctor Who in the past few years, the need for a place where Whovians (devotee’s of the hit BBC series) can express their love and support for the show, culminated last weekend at Gallifrey One, the world’s largest and longest running annual fan-run Doctor Who convention. What started out 25 years ago as small […]

Lindalee’s Doctor Who FAN ART Review – Ep.11

On this latest Fan Art segment, our resident 5 1/2 year old Whovian; Lindalee receives a mysterious package and an unexpected call from an old friend from across the miles. Plus we reveal the winner of the Tom Richmond autographed limited edition art-work. If you like Doctor Who and Puppets, you may want to stick […]

Romeo & WHO’liet with Lindalee and Sylvester McCoy, Doctor Who’s Seventh Doctor!

5 1/2 year old Whovian, Lindalee Rose, puts her own spin on a Shakespearean classic when she gets Doctor Who’s own Sylvester McCoy (aka the Seventh Doctor) to read a scene from Romeo and Juliet with her. Whether you’re a fan of the 7th Doctor or Radagast the Wizard from The Hobbit Films, you’re in […]

Watch Lindalee and Dan “Strax” Starkey from Doctor Who, recite Shakespeare in “Romeo & WHO’liet”

5 1/2 year old Whovian, Lindalee Rose, puts her own spin on a Shakespearean classic when she gets Doctor Who’s own Dan Starkey (aka Strax the Sontaran) to read a scene from Romeo and Juliet with her. If you’ve never heard a Sontaran Soldier recite lines from the Baird, you’re in for a real treat! Be […]

THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR – Lindalee’s Doctor Who Review (Christmas Episode)

5 1/2 year old Whovian; Lindalee Rose provides her own stylized recap and review of the 2013 Christmas Episode of Doctor Who. In this installment, Matt Smith portrays the infamous time-lord one last time before handing over the reigns to the next Doctor; Peter Capaldi. When the Doctor spends his last remaining days protecting a […]

Lindalee’s Christmas Fan Art Review (Episode 10)

Lindalee celebrates the Christmas season with a look at holiday themed Fan Art sent in from her viewers around the world. So pour some egg-nog, light the fireplace and check out this latest episode. Plus there’s still time to register to win an autographed limited edition print of “The Doctor is In” from Artist Tom […]

Lindalee’s Doctor Who, Fan Art Review (Episode 9)

In her first Fan Art Review since her visit to London, Lindalee has a packed episode full of contests, stories and all new Fan Art to show. Find out who won our 1st custom art contest, find out about our next cool art contest, check out some cool Fan Art submissions from her viewers around […]

Lindalee Rose Visits Various Doctor Who Filming Locations in London!

Lindalee Rose takes you on a brief trot around London, to visit some famous landmarks seen in classic and recent episodes of Doctor Who. Join us as Beyond the Marquee’s own 5 1/2 year old Whovian turns tour-guide as she spent her last day in London checking out historic locations that have made their way […]

Lindalee Rose on the Scene at Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in London

5 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose was on hand in London to talk to the Cast and Fans in attendance for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who! Our favorite little Whovian chats it up with kids, adults, time-lords and even some aliens all converging together to show their appreciation for the hit BBC show, […]

Lindalee Reviews “The Day of the Doctor”, 50th Anniversary Episode from London

While normally Lindalee can be found on her review set following each new Doctor Who episode, this time around, she found herself amidst tens of thousands of fellow Whovians at the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the show. Having watched the 50th episode on location in London, what better place and with who else better than […]

Doctor Who’s Companion, Jenna Coleman, Chats with Beyond the Marquee’s Lindalee Rose!

A few days ago we shared with you the interview with Beyond the Marquee’s own Lindalee Rose and resident Doctor; Matt Smith, from the hit BBC series “Doctor Who”. Our resident Whovian has been in London all week partaking in the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the show, talking to fans and meeting some of the […]

Lindalee Meets the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith!

5 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose is living the dream as she’s in London for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversay Celebration. This fresh young Whovian who just over a year ago began her on-camera reviews of the hit BBC show, has now travelled to the birthplace of the show to not only partake in the weekend’s […]

Catch The Nerdist’s DOCTOR WHO Pre-Show on Saturday Nov. 23

If you weren’t already aware, there are big events in store this weekend for Doctor Who fans! On Saturday, November 23rd, our Nerdist and BBC America friends will be conducting a pre-show Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special prior to the global simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor,” which brings together Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Jenna […]

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