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SEQUEL-TITLE-ITIS part 2: How to Improve Sequel Titling

A sequel by definition is unoriginal, so movie sequels already have one strike against them. Strike two comes from studios saddling them with unoriginal titles. Cars 2 The Expendables 3 Paranormal Activity 4 Final Destination 5 (If they’re on the 5th film, then how final is this destination? Just saying.) Humdrum titles like these do […]

SEQUEL-TITLE-ITIS part 1: The epidemic of giving bad titles to good (and not-so-good) sequels. defines Sequelitis as, “A medical condition propagated by a combination of commercial success and creative ineptitude.” This epidemic has plagued Hollywood for nearly a century, starting with The Fall of a Nation (1916), the forgotten follow-up to D.W. Griffith’s popular The Birth of a Nation (1915). This inspired sequels in every genre, from historical […]

COFFEEHOUSE SCREENWRITING 102: Caffeinated Writing on a Budget

If you’re looking for how to make passive characters active or how to cram writing in between day jobs and kids, then you’re in the wrong place.  For help with that, I recommend a great book with a title similar to this article — The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Alessandra. This article isn’t about how […]

COFFEEHOUSE SCREENWRITING 101: An Intro to Caffeinated Writing Culture

I spend a lot of time in coffee shops, yet I don’t like coffee.  I didn’t used to like coffee anyway. Until I spent a lot of time in coffee shops.  Does that sound jittery?  Blame caffeine because I’m typing these words in a coffee shop. As a freelance writer determined, like the vast majority […]


Marvel’s The Avengers, which assembled heroes established in previous solo films, earned $1.51 billion worldwide.  It’s the third highest grossing film of all time.  Ever since its massive success, Hollywood has gone cray cray for the shared universe concept.  World-building has been replaced by universe-building in hopes of riding the trend all the way to […]


You don’t need Schoolhouse Rock to know that 3 is a magic number. It’s in our sciences with Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics.  It’s in our religion (some of our religion) with the 3 Wise Men and the Holy Trinity.  Three trimesters of pregnancy could yield triplets that all […]


Suicide rates are allegedly the highest of the year during the holidays.  Winter’s shorter daylight hours afflict people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (*).  Elvis Presley sings about having “a blue Christmas without you.”  These conditions, the unfortunate by-product of such a happy time, should be taken seriously.  Yet no one ever talks about the hidden […]


There’s a reason Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of the most adapted stories of all time, more so than Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, or Superman.  The reason is simple — It’s a perfect example of dramatic storytelling. Its three-act structure is personified by three ghosts representing the past, present, and future, which in turn […]

SUPERHEROES UNMASKED (and the fanboys who hate them) PART 2

Happy Halloween!  There’s no better day than today to follow-up on Superheroes Unmasked Part 1.  Haven’t read that P-Booth yet?  Click here and then click back. Movie stars never play Superman.  They may become stars after the fact, but first they’re plucked from obscurity to inherit the red cape (and some fall back into obscurity […]

SUPERHEROES UNMASKED (and the fanboys who love them) PART 1

Whenever books or plays are adapted to film, something gets modified along the way.  To exist in another medium, things have to change.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Otherwise a 1,000 page Stephen King novel would turn into a 10-hour movie.  Same rule applies to comic books, the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being just […]


  A while back I was possessed by Spielberg’s blend of “courage and stupidity” to compete in a competition wherein contestants had to write, shoot, edit, and deliver an entire short film in 48 hours. It was thrilling and exhausting, at times it was frustrating, but my team and I did it.  We didn’t win […]


“No #!%?ing way can anyone outrun a boulder without losing his hat!” That was my dad’s reaction to the first 15 minutes of the first Indiana Jones film.  The first Indiana Jones film! Hearts plucked out of living victims.  Centuries-old knights guarding Holy Grails.  Escaping nuclear explosions in fridges.  My dad never even made it […]


Welcome to The Projection Booth! What is The Projection Booth? Good question.  Before uncovering the answer, let’s examine some definitions. Tweet

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews HONDO (Blu-Ray Review)

Hollywood loves pretty boys, but every once in a while a real man’s man comes around.  Burt Reynolds. Charles Bronson.  Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood.  These guys certainly weren’t your modern Ben Affleck types, Doc.  But when I think of a “man” there’s one who stood head and shoulders over his contemporaries as the very […]

“We Bought a Zoo”, but was It Worth It? (Blu-Ray Review)

Cameron Crowe (“Say Anything”, “Jerry Maguire”) is the master of romantic comedy.  Very few directors can pull off that perfect emotional blend of sadness and humor that turns an audience to putty in his hands.  But as we know, nobody’s perfect and Crowe’s last narrative film, 2005’s “Elizabethtown” was a critical and box office flop.  […]

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