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The WINTER SOLDIER Bursts Out from the Digital App of the CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE

We’ve got a double dose of “APP’tain America” Posts today! Earlier this morning, we posted our Exclusive interview with the designer of the CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE App and now we’ve got some awesome shots of Sebastian Stan as “The Winter Soldier” in Phase 2 of the Marketing for this movie which hits theaters today! Just when […]

BTM EXCLUSIVE! – We Interview the Creative Director Behind the Digital CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE Interactive App

Last week we turned our spotlight on the Captain America Experience Digital App that Marvel and Walt Disney Studios launched. This Augmented Reality application for Smartphones turns a flat 2-D movie poster into a totally mind-blowing 3-Dimensional image, with the option to take a picture and share it on your favorite social network! We caught […]

What, You, Make a Movie? Here are Some Tips on How to Finance an Independent Film!

Independent films aren’t owned by a major film studio, so they typically allow greater freedom of expression for the producer and director. “Pulp Fiction,” an independent movie produced on an $8 million budget in 1994 by a then-30-year-old Quentin Tarantino, grossed $213.9 million worldwide. “Good Will Hunting,” another independent film produced on an estimated $10 […]

The Game Has Changed! New EightyTwo Arcade Bar Opens in Downtown Los Angeles

“Don’t put any change in the meter — we’re going to need it for the games.” Cindy Morgan as Lora Baines in 1982′s TRON film. 1982 was a watershed year in entertainment — a time when cinema gave birth to some of its most iconic sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies of all time, including: “Star Trek 2: The […]

Captain America EXPLODES OUT Over Sunset Blvd via the Captain America Experience Mobile App

One of the coolest and best kept secrets of the marketing for the promotion of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier has got to be the Augmented Reality app for the iPhone and/or iPad. By downloading this FREE Captain America Experience app (they should have called it the APP’tain America Experience, I’m just saying) and then […]

BBB Warns Netflix Users of New Phishing Scam

Netflix boasts more than 44 million subscribers in 41 countries. With a service so popular and widespread, it’s no wonder the company has been targeted with phishing scams. The good news is security is now better than ever, and Netflix works diligently to block current scams and prevent new ones from occurring. The Better Business […]

2013 Was the Year of Online Entertainment

The era of home entertainment is here. In the wake of a massive recession and record unemployment, people are finding their entertainment where the price is reasonable and enjoying it in the comforts of their own home. Staycations are trendy, cable is fading and new gaming consoles are constantly being developed. Yesterday’s science fiction, where […]

[UPDATED] With An Apology from FUNNY or DIE! – The Truth Behind the Great HUVr’ Board Hoax!

Well, as quick as the promise of the future arrived, it was debunked and dismissed faster than an 88mph time-traveling DeLorean. Earlier in the day, we reported and gave some sarcastic commentary on a viral video for a company called HUVr tech that released a promotional video announcing to the world that flying Hoverboards, like […]


Marvel’s The Avengers, which assembled heroes established in previous solo films, earned $1.51 billion worldwide.  It’s the third highest grossing film of all time.  Ever since its massive success, Hollywood has gone cray cray for the shared universe concept.  World-building has been replaced by universe-building in hopes of riding the trend all the way to […]


Planning to snap up this winter’s hit film Frozen as it becomes available on Digital HD today? Head over to the iTunes app store and add another download to your queue, because Disney Movies Anywhere—Disney’s all-new digital movie service and app—is here, and it’s free! Debuting with iTunes as its exclusive launch provider, Disney Movies Anywhere is a […]

How Hollywood is Embracing Cloud Storage

A typical day of filming creates anywhere from 25 to 50 terabytes of footage, according to Rackspace. The average set locale is a tedious drive through LA. And that’s assuming it’s not out of state. Imagine what that means over the course of an entire episodic series. That’s lots of data, and presumably, lots of […]

[UPDATED] TRON Gives Illumination To The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are underway — and The Wall Street Journal reports that in the midst of the elaborate opening — Disney’s TRON provides inspiration for the ceremony. As blogged by Gregory White for the WSJ: “The last element before the torch-lighting is called ‘Olympic Gods’ and takes its theme from the movie TRON, […]

Which Star Wars Character Are You? Take the Test!

With the excitement and anticipation of new Star Wars movies, animated TV series and theme-park rides just around the corner, the hype for the classic sci-fi saga is rapidly growing again. With a whole new generation of fans behind it, now, a site called ZIMBIO is offering an on-line survey to find out, “What Star […]

Download Disney’s SAVING MR. BANKS iBook for FREE (Learn Behind the Scenes Secrets)!

In celebration of Disney’s highly anticipated film Saving Mr. Banks, in theaters everywhere today, Walt Disney Studios is offering SAVING MR. BANKS: The Official Multi-touch Book. Exploring the previously untold story of how Walt Disney worked his magic on author P. L. Travers to secure the rights to her book, Mary Poppins, the book includes a foreword by […]

GEICO Enters the War on Cell Phones at Theaters

Lord knows noisy people have been the bane of movie theaters since magic lantern shows became popular. And before that it can only be assumed it was a nuisance at playhouses and the opera. Of course, back in the day there was a certain social stigma associated with being an irritating disruption to other people’s […]

Internet Streaming & the Future of the Film Industry

With Netflix drawing in more than four times the earnings in the third quarter of 2013, as it did during the same time period in 2012, it’s clear: Internet streaming has captured the elusive status of the ultimate shaker and mover in the world of entertainment. But what does this mean for the film industry? […]

Looking Back at the Future: Filmmakers Discuss GRAVITY at San Diego Comic Con

With the recent success of the film Gravity, I thought it would be interesting for readers of Beyond the Marquee to read some of the highlights from the Warner Bros. press junket I attended at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. The junket included a lively discussion with director Alfonso Cuarón and Sandra Bullock. At […]

Check out the SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR 2-Way Wristwatch Retro Flashback Commercials

There are some really fun commercial spots that began airing this week for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. They feature iconic images of familiar faces from Television and Film, using futuristic watch/wrist communication devices. It’s a real treat to see all these classic and iconic characters together from Get Smart, The Flintstones, Knight Rider, Predator, The Jetsons, […]

Check out the Season 2 Prequel Episode for; The Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time

  Fans of the Untitled Web-Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, we’ve got some great news for you!!! Season 2 is in the works and our good pal Travis Richey (aka “the Inspector”) has sent us over the special prequel episode that kicks it off. Picking up right where Season 1 left […]

GREAT SLOT!!! Check out ‘Back in Time’, IGT’s New BACK TO THE FUTURE Themed Video Slot Machine

The future just got more promising, at least for those who love to gamble. Here is something that alternate 1985 Biff Tannen would be proud to have in his Pleasure Paradise Casino Hotel, a brand new Back to the Future video slot machine! From IGT Entertainment, the leaders in video gaming product, this electronic casino […]

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