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Hollywood’s Crystal Ball – Predicting the Future of Technology in Movies

The argument could easily be made that some of the most creative and innovative thinkers are sci-fi writers and filmmakers. In the recesses of their minds are some of the most interesting, farfetched, and technologically advanced ideas. Think of books like 2001: A Space Odyssey, or films like Star Wars or Star Trek – the […]

Never Before Seen Pictures of the Original Delorean from BACK to the FUTURE Surface on eBay!

ATTENTION BACK TO THE FUTURE FANS! Now selling on ebay, you have a chance to win some never before seen photos of the original hero (“A” car) DeLorean from the hit 1985 movie! 8 days are left to bid on a very special piece of Back to the Future history from the personal collection of […]

Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 70) – The GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto-1 Car and Designer Stephen Dane

  It’s one of the most recognizable and beloved cars in cinematic history and this year, it turns 55 years old. However, it’s the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters this summer that has shined the Slimelight back onto the original Ecto-1. Beyond the Marquee was recently given an opportunity to check out the Ecto-1 at Sony Pictures Studios and […]

Video – New STAR WARS: Rebels Footage – Full Seven Minutes!

  As many eagerly await the next live action installment of the STAR WARS saga: Episode 7 — which is due in theaters December 18, 2015 — fans of the Force will also soon be able to jump into hyperspace a whole year prior via the new STAR WARS: REBELS animated series. Here is a brand […]

Check out this Cool NOAH Blu-ray- Interactive Info-graphic and Mobile App

Mark your calendars and pull out your umbrellas because the Blu-ray and DVD release of NOAH is tomorrow. Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the timeless story of courage, sacrifice in which within a world ravaged by human sin, Noah is given a divine mission: to build an Ark to save creation from the coming flood.  Click ahead to […]

Upload Your Picture, Personalize It & TMNT Yourself!

Nows your chance to join your fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, don a mask and take on the Foot-Clan! Well sorta. If you head on over to the TMNT Yourself site, you’ll be able to upload and personalize your pic and then choose a mask from one of your favorite pizza eating, crime fighting amphibious […]

Filmmaker Bootcamp: Pro Secrets to Improve Your Next Independent Film

In 2013 alone, 900 new movies opened in New York City, reports The New York Times. For indie and documentary filmmakers, the sheer amount of competition out there can be intimidating; however, learning how to shoot, edit and promote your next film might make you the next Lena Dunham. Click ahead for a few helpful […]

4DX – FEEL YOUR NEXT HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!!! – (Your Cinematic Experience Reviews)

Last week resident Marquee’ologist Jay West gave us one of the first in-depth reviews in the country of the 4DX theater Experience, with it’s premiere showing of TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction. Now more reviews continue to keep rolling in on this unique and revolutionary cinematic craze, which recently made its debut in Downtown Los Angeles. If you’ve maybe heard about 4DX, but […]

Exclusive: Premiere of First Ever 4DX Theater in the US!

  In just one evening I floated through space, flew over vast landscapes with winds sweeping over me, got chills in the Arctic, was (lightly) doused by an enormous waterfall, had billowing smoke roll over me from several explosions, put the petal to the medal in wild car chases, had bullets and missiles whiz by […]

Tickets Now On-Sale for the First 4DX Movie Theater Experience in the United States!

Starting Friday, June 27th, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE will be home to the first 4DX theater in the United States! Experience the biggest blockbusters like never before with 4DX technology! The 4DX auditorium features motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, mist/rain, scents and more that perfectly synch to the on-screen action. Each chair is […]

COFFEEHOUSE SCREENWRITING 102: Caffeinated Writing on a Budget

If you’re looking for how to make passive characters active or how to cram writing in between day jobs and kids, then you’re in the wrong place.  For help with that, I recommend a great book with a title similar to this article — The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Alessandra. This article isn’t about how […]

VIDDIVERSE, a Safe, Online Video Network EXCLUSIVELY for Kids, Premieres this Week!

Tearing your kids away from the TV, Video Games and Internet is a challenge in itself nowadays, but Moms and Dads, finally there’s a healthy alternative for the mind and spirit of your children. A place where hundreds of hours of kid-friendly videos featuring user generated programming by kids, a video toolbox, and the opportunity […]

Starting Tomorrow, Pre-Order Captain America’s Shield as seen in MARVEL’s “The Avengers”

If you love great high-end prop replicas and superheroes, then we’ve got some exciting news for you! Get your check-books ready because the Captain America Shield as seen in MARVEL’s The Avengers will be available for pre-order starting Thursday, May 1, 2014 @ 9 AM PDST on The full scale, accurate replicas of the 24″ […]

The WINTER SOLDIER Bursts Out from the Digital App of the CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE

We’ve got a double dose of “APP’tain America” Posts today! Earlier this morning, we posted our Exclusive interview with the designer of the CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE App and now we’ve got some awesome shots of Sebastian Stan as “The Winter Soldier” in Phase 2 of the Marketing for this movie which hits theaters today! Just when […]

BTM EXCLUSIVE! – We Interview the Creative Director Behind the Digital CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE Interactive App

Last week we turned our spotlight on the Captain America Experience Digital App that Marvel and Walt Disney Studios launched. This Augmented Reality application for Smartphones turns a flat 2-D movie poster into a totally mind-blowing 3-Dimensional image, with the option to take a picture and share it on your favorite social network! We caught […]

What, You, Make a Movie? Here are Some Tips on How to Finance an Independent Film!

Independent films aren’t owned by a major film studio, so they typically allow greater freedom of expression for the producer and director. “Pulp Fiction,” an independent movie produced on an $8 million budget in 1994 by a then-30-year-old Quentin Tarantino, grossed $213.9 million worldwide. “Good Will Hunting,” another independent film produced on an estimated $10 […]

The Game Has Changed! New EightyTwo Arcade Bar Opens in Downtown Los Angeles

“Don’t put any change in the meter — we’re going to need it for the games.” Cindy Morgan as Lora Baines in 1982’s TRON film. 1982 was a watershed year in entertainment — a time when cinema gave birth to some of its most iconic sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies of all time, including: “Star Trek 2: The […]

Captain America EXPLODES OUT Over Sunset Blvd via the Captain America Experience Mobile App

One of the coolest and best kept secrets of the marketing for the promotion of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier has got to be the Augmented Reality app for the iPhone and/or iPad. By downloading this FREE Captain America Experience app (they should have called it the APP’tain America Experience, I’m just saying) and then […]

BBB Warns Netflix Users of New Phishing Scam

Netflix boasts more than 44 million subscribers in 41 countries. With a service so popular and widespread, it’s no wonder the company has been targeted with phishing scams. The good news is security is now better than ever, and Netflix works diligently to block current scams and prevent new ones from occurring. The Better Business […]

2013 Was the Year of Online Entertainment

The era of home entertainment is here. In the wake of a massive recession and record unemployment, people are finding their entertainment where the price is reasonable and enjoying it in the comforts of their own home. Staycations are trendy, cable is fading and new gaming consoles are constantly being developed. Yesterday’s science fiction, where […]

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