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FREE STUFF FRIDAY: Win this Awesome Limited-Edition Poster Print of CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Winter Soldier from Artist Paul Shipper

Anticipating another big week at the Box-Office for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we’ve gotten out good pal, New Zealand poster artist Paul Shipper to graciously donate one of his latest poster prints to giveaway this week. It’s none other than Paul’s take on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This beautiful 24×36″ giclée print is printed […]

The WINTER SOLDIER Bursts Out from the Digital App of the CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE

We’ve got a double dose of “APP’tain America” Posts today! Earlier this morning, we posted our Exclusive interview with the designer of the CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE App and now we’ve got some awesome shots of Sebastian Stan as “The Winter Soldier” in Phase 2 of the Marketing for this movie which hits theaters today! Just when […]

BTM EXCLUSIVE! – We Interview the Creative Director Behind the Digital CAPTAIN AMERICA EXPERIENCE Interactive App

Last week we turned our spotlight on the Captain America Experience Digital App that Marvel and Walt Disney Studios launched. This Augmented Reality application for Smartphones turns a flat 2-D movie poster into a totally mind-blowing 3-Dimensional image, with the option to take a picture and share it on your favorite social network! We caught […]

Tim Burton’s MARY POPPINS Disney Poster, Revealed to be just an Early April Fool’s Joke!

Over the past couple weeks a certain poster has been circulating across the web, of a sinister and dark re-telling of Mary Poppins from Director Tim Burton. We here at Beyond the Marquee have kept a tight lip on it, because in fact, our good friend and occasional contributor to the site; Sam Carter was […]

CAPS to Launch Celebrity Cartoonist Art Auction to Benefit Fellow Cartoonist Stan Sakai and Family

On Thursday, March 6, 2014, Southern California’s CAPS, the Comic Art Professional Society, will launch an ongoing series of eBay auctions of original comic art. Its goal is to raise funds for medical care for Sharon Sakai, the wife of respected cartoonist and longtime CAPS member Stan Sakai, creator of the samurai rabbit USAGI YOJIMBO. […]

Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 60) – Drew & Bob: The Masters of Movie Art

In this episode of Beyond the Marquee: the Web-Series, Host Jon Donahue went to Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale, CA for the Opening Reception of DREW & BOB: THE MASTERS OF MOVIE ART. The exhibition features the illustration and fine art of Drew Struzan and Bob Peak, legends in Movie Poster Marketing for the past 40 […]

BTM EXCLUSIVE! Will Drew Struzan Paint the ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’ Poster?

With the recent news of a Back to the Future musical opening next year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular time-travel trilogy, some fans are eagerly wondering if legendary movie poster artist, Drew Struzan, will be returning to create a painting for the musical production. To have Drew Struzan come out of retirement […]

See the Art of Movie Poster Legends Drew Struzan and Bob Peak Now on Display in Los Angeles!

Fans of Motion Picture movie art are no stranger to the illustrated works of Drew Struzan and Bob Peak. Both with distinct styles all their own, their contributions to theatrical one sheets and movie marketing materials over the past 30 years is immeasurable. Whether you’re a fan of Bob Peak’s broad colors and refractive bursts […]

Lindalee’s Christmas Fan Art Review (Episode 10)

Lindalee celebrates the Christmas season with a look at holiday themed Fan Art sent in from her viewers around the world. So pour some egg-nog, light the fireplace and check out this latest episode. Plus there’s still time to register to win an autographed limited edition print of “The Doctor is In” from Artist Tom […]

Lindalee’s Doctor Who, Fan Art Review (Episode 9)

In her first Fan Art Review since her visit to London, Lindalee has a packed episode full of contests, stories and all new Fan Art to show. Find out who won our 1st custom art contest, find out about our next cool art contest, check out some cool Fan Art submissions from her viewers around […]

Disney/Marvel Unveils New “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Poster

Today, the Disney/Marvel Creative Marketing team at the Walt Disney Studios unveiled their latest poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It’s a fun look at what might be in store for the second installment of Cap’s adventures. Next April 4th, Chris Evans reprises his role as Captain America, the Patriotic Avenger fighting for Freedom and Justice! This […]

Check Out Details of HERO COMPLEX GALLERY’S Newest Art Exhibition, “YOUNG GUNS OF PRINT”

Hero Complex Gallery is pleased to present their newest art exhibition, “Young Guns of Print”, a show highlighting some of today’s hottest rising stars in the art print world, premiering on Friday, September 20th. There are 18 artists involved, all of whom have personally chose their own ‘mini-theme’ to work from. This show will exhibit every […]

EXCLUSIVE! First Look at Movie Poster Illustrator Paul Shipper’s CLOUD ATLAS One-Sheet Trilogy!

Back in April of this year we were quite excited to bring our readers the news that New Zealand movie poster illustrator Paul Shipper was planning on creating on his own one-sheet tribute to the Warner Brothers film ‘Cloud Atlas’. After a casual Skype discussion with Beyond the Marquee’s own Jon Donahue (who had worked […]

Fan Art (Ep.5) – Lindalee’s Doctor Who Review

It’s easy to fill a Doctor Who fan set with posters and toys, but 5 year old Doctor Who reviewer and resident Whovian; Lindalee Rose took it one step further. Making a personal shout out to her loyal and supportive fans worldwide to submit their original fan art for her to display, in this Fifth […]


Sebastian: “I MAKE friends. They’re toys. My friends are toys. I make them. It’s a hobby. I’m a genetic designer.” In the universe of the 1982 sci-fi film noir classic Blade Runner, the character of J.F. Sebastian (William Sanderson) spoke of how he created  remarkable “living” toys and human-like figures (aka replicants) — and in […]


Movie trends come and go like any other industry.  Westerns are popular for a few years, then sci-fi, then fantasy.  Right now we’re up to our necks in vampires.  Movie posters, known in Hollywood as “one-sheets,” experience their own trends. For a while it was the Stars-Standing-Back-To-Back model (Mr. & Mrs Smith, Two Weeks Notice, […]

Help Artist Paul Shipper get to 1701 Followers and YOU Could end up Reaping the Rewards!

Heads up Star Trek fans, our good friend and New Zealand poster artist Paul Shipper is offering up a special Star Trek giveaway! Paul has decided to generously giveaway one set of these (27×40″) one sheet film poster size prints to one of his social media followers. Originally printed for an illustration expo/show, they are a […]

Check out this Awesome THE BLACK HOLE print from Artist Mark Daniels

One of my favorite all-time movies is Disney’s 1979 The Black Hole, the dark, yet fun sci-fi adventure that at the time was Walt Disney Studios own Star Wars. Now while the jury is still out on how I feel about a possible upcoming remake, one thing is for certain, the classic film has a […]

If You’re in Paris, France This Week, Check Out the “FINAL FRONTIER” Gallery Event!!!

If you’ve been following us here on Beyond the Marquee in recent months, you know that one of our new favorite pop-artist is none other than New Zealander Paul Shipper. Launching today is a cool show hosted by Geek-Art thats a tribute to Star Trek that Paul’s involved with called “Final Frontier”. Some of Paul’s “Print Posse Friends” are also included […]

Southern Californians Check Out an Awesome TV/Movie “DUOS” Themed Art Show THIS Weekend (PLUS Win a Signed Print from the Artist!!!)

Sam Carter is no stranger to Beyond the Marquee, we met Sam a few years back at the 3B Art Show at Gallery 1988 here in Los Angeles and were blown away by some of his Pop Art creations (including one particular Back to the Future themed piece). Since then, Sam has become a friend to […]

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