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Tickets Now on Sale for the Newly Regenerated DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE

If you are a Doctor Who fan and by chance are heading out across the pond to England anytime after October 23rd, then you’ll definitely want to make a stop in Cardiff, Wales for the all new The Doctor Who Experience. The must see attraction for Whovians around the world has undergone its very own regeneration and […]

Hollywood’s Crystal Ball – Predicting the Future of Technology in Movies

The argument could easily be made that some of the most creative and innovative thinkers are sci-fi writers and filmmakers. In the recesses of their minds are some of the most interesting, farfetched, and technologically advanced ideas. Think of books like 2001: A Space Odyssey, or films like Star Wars or Star Trek – the […]

The Phenomenon That Is The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

Moving into its final season, the FX drama “Sons Of Anarchy” is more than a well written show. It is a look into an American subculture and a treatise on moral ambiguity and masculinity. The insight into the mind of the antihero has opened a yearning in the American psyche, creating a resurgence in motorcycle […]

VIDDIVERSE, a Safe, Online Video Network EXCLUSIVELY for Kids, Premieres this Week!

Tearing your kids away from the TV, Video Games and Internet is a challenge in itself nowadays, but Moms and Dads, finally there’s a healthy alternative for the mind and spirit of your children. A place where hundreds of hours of kid-friendly videos featuring user generated programming by kids, a video toolbox, and the opportunity […]


Marvel’s The Avengers, which assembled heroes established in previous solo films, earned $1.51 billion worldwide.  It’s the third highest grossing film of all time.  Ever since its massive success, Hollywood has gone cray cray for the shared universe concept.  World-building has been replaced by universe-building in hopes of riding the trend all the way to […]

All Your Favorite 80’s Movie & TV Icons Make a Cameo in New Radio Shack Commercial

The 80’s called … they want their store back. 80’s celebrities invade a RadioShack to take back their old stuff and make room for the RadioShack of the future. If you missed this commercial during yesterday’s Super Bowl, check it out here. A wonderful grouping of some of your favorite 80’s stars from TV and […]

The Screens Have It: How Mobile Phones Changed Television Viewership

If there’s anything the average American loves more than their television entertainment, it’s their smart phones. Our time spent in front of a screen has increased by leaps and bounds since the invention of the Internet and mobile computing, to the point where eMarketer notes that the average person invests more hours of their day […]

Check out the Forbidden Planet’s Doctor Who: Legacy game (+ Code Giveaway)

While you’re waiting for the Christmas Special, why not play Doctor Who: Legacy – with FREE game codes from your local Forbidden Planet! Doctor Who: Legacy is a free-to-play puzzle-RPG game for Android and iOS from BBC Worldwide, Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studios. Steeped in 50 years of Whovian heritage, Doctor Who: Legacy lets you build […]

Check out the SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR 2-Way Wristwatch Retro Flashback Commercials

There are some really fun commercial spots that began airing this week for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. They feature iconic images of familiar faces from Television and Film, using futuristic watch/wrist communication devices. It’s a real treat to see all these classic and iconic characters together from Get Smart, The Flintstones, Knight Rider, Predator, The Jetsons, […]

Whats Blue, Furry and Eating Up the Internet!!?!?

The answer may surprise you! It’s Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Now we can’t seem to find the exact reason why this fun feature exists in the world, but we kind of don’t care. Just head to and then drag the blue OMNOMNOMIFY Blue Box up to your Bookmarklet Bar line. Then go into your […]

Check out the BACK TO THE FUTURE inspired commercial for GE, narrated by Michael J Fox

During tonight’s Denver/Baltimore NFL Football game, a secret Back to the Future inspired commercial for General Electric called “The Future is Now”, will be airing and our good friends over at (your official source of all things Back to the Future) sent us an advance link to check out and share with our readers. With […]

Venture Into the Doctor’s TARDIS Thanks to the Technology of Google Maps!

Over the years Google Maps has offered not just amazing satellite views of places in the Earth we’d never seen from the heavesn, but also some amazing gems of in-the-moment activities on the ground when the Google Map camera made its rounds. But now…clearly someone at Google has taken their love for Doctor Who and […]

“The Inspector” is Gearing Up for Season 2 of “UNTITLED WEB SERIES ABOUT A SPACE TRAVELER WHO CAN ALSO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME”, Are you Ready!?!?

We recently heard from our good pal Travis Richey (aka “the Inspector”) from the hit Internet show; Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler who can also Travel Through Time! He wanted us to let our Beyond the Marquee readers know that production is well under way on the prequel episode to Season 2 of […]

Technology & Entertainment: Looking Back at CES

Though it has been a couple weeks since the Consumer Electronic Show, I have been re-reading my notes from some of the insightful keynote speeches. More than ever, technology and entertainment are evolving hand-in-hand, and there was a point or two made during the conference that have been eating at me, encouraging me to share […]

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