Win one of 5 copies of SPOTS-ON! this week’s FREE STUFF FRIDAY

It’s FREE STUFF FRIDAY and inspired by our recent Miraculous Ladybug segments, our good friends at Shout! Factory have given us, not One, but Five DVD copies of the second volume DVD of the animated Miraculous series, to giveaway to our faithful readers!

When the treacherous Hawk Moth uses his evil energy to transform the citizens of Paris into super villains, only two amazing heroes stand in his way: Ladybug and Cat Noir! With the help of their magical pets, this incredible duo team up to outwit Hawk Moth and keep their city safe… but their biggest challenge might be getting through junior high school. You see, Ladybug and Cat Noir are actually Marinette and Adrien, a pair of young students who live what seems to be a normal life. But even for these two, it’s hard to juggle schoolwork, friends, family and growing up when every day is a super-powered adventure!

Featuring six more incredible episodes from the action-packed animated series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: Spots On is a high-flying collection of heroic adventure that’ll have you bugging out!

Click ahead for more details on how you can watch and win your way to owning a copy of this DVD!

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[VIDEO] Laura Marano & Lindalee discuss Miraculous Ladybug (MNN Ep.5)

Warm up your vocal cords because on this episode of the MNN (Miraculous News Network), Lindalee Rose sits down with Actress & Singer; Laura Marano.

What is Laura’s multiple connection to Season 2 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir? What’s her favorite episode? What kind of Animal Kwami would she want to be? Those questions and Much, Much More, will be revealed in this episode!!!

If you missed Lindalee’s interview with Cristina Vee (the voice of Ladybug), Mela Lee (the voice of Tikki) and any other MNN episodes, then CLICK HERE to Watch and Subscribe to Lindalee’s channel for more fun videos;

Thanks for watching and stay Miraculous!

Let’s Celebrate Oscar Season with a Look Back at Recent Snubs


“And the OSCAR won’t go to…”

If you’ve been keeping an eye on movie news lately, you’ve probably started seeing some trailers for fall and winter heavyweights. The likes of Manchester By The Sea, Queen Of Katwe, Denial, and The Birth Of A Nation are getting quite a bit of hype lately, and all look like possible Best Picture contenders.

This is what the beginning of Oscar season really looks like. While the actual awards shows don’t occur until the early months of each calendar year, it’s these months (October- December) that tend to bring about the majority of the contenders. From now through the holiday season, we’ll likely get our first look at all the films that will be under consideration for the Academy Award for Best Picture, as well as most of the other major awards.

Those select few that secure Best Picture nominations become immortalized in a certain way among film fans. However, one of the biggest stories that surrounds the Academy Awards every year is also that of which performers and movies got “snubbed.” Those projects tend to make for big stories for a few days online, but once the show comes and goes, the nominees usually prove to be the most memorable. So sometimes it’s nice to look back and remember some of the near misses or “snubs” that many thought were just as good as the Best Picture contenders! Read on for some of the most impressive Best Picture snubs from recent years….

FREE STUFF FRIDAY! ~ 3 Chances to WIN a Blu-ray Copy of ‘The TRANSFORMERS: The Movie’, the 30th Anniversary Edition, from SHOUT! Factory

The 30th Anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, on Blu-ray Sept 13th

Win a 30th Anniversary copy of Transformers: The Movie, on Blu-ray

This week saw the 30th Anniversary HD release of The Transformers: The Movie from Shout! Factory on home video. This latest meticulously restored and remastered version of the classic 1986 movie is being heralded for it’s spectacular look, new packaging art and new bonus-features!

Now, our good friends at Shout! Factory want our BTM readers to experience this amazing animated action adventure movie for themselves, by offering not One, not Two, but THREE copies of the movie on Blu-ray, in this week’s FREE STUFF FRIDAY contest.

Waste no more time, if you think you have The Touch, click ahead for the contest quiz, answer it and make some room on your home video shelf for The Transformers: The Movie

The TRANSFORMERS: The Movie – 30th Anniversary Edition – Blu-Ray [REVIEW]

The 30th Anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, on Blu-ray Sept 13th

The 30th Anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, on Blu-ray Sept 13th

There probably has not been a Blu-ray release I’ve been anticipating more this year than The TRANSFORMERS: The Movie – 30th Anniversary Edition from Shout! Factory. For a kid born in the early 70’s, the 1986 movie version of the popular animated TV show came out at the start of my teenage years. It was a movie that I didn’t anticipate, but impacted me for the rest of my life. Now it’s your chance to experience, if not for the first time, then hopefully once again, this enormously popular animated feature.

The film has been meticulously restored and remastered from a spectacular brand-new 4K transfer of the original 35mm film elements. Fans now can immerse themselves in this thrilling animated adventure with stunning picture quality for optimal home entertainment experience.

Featuring All-Star Voice Cast of Peter Cullen, Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, Frank Welker and Orson Welles as UNICRON, the renowned classic animated movie adventure has been remastered from a brand-new, 4K transfer of the original film elements and debuts for the First Time on Blu-ray this week, from Shout! Factory.

Read ahead to learn more about whats contained in it’s 30th Anniversary release, as well as my Blu-ray review! Roll Out…

FREE STUFF FRIDAY! Win a copy of Titan Book’s STAR TREK: 50 Artists, 50 Years

Star Trek: 50 Years, 50 Artists now available from Titan Books

Star Trek: 50 Years, 50 Artists now available from Titan Books

Hey there, it’s FREE STUFF FRIDAY and our good friends at Titan Books have given us a brand new copy of STAR TREK: 50 Artists, 50 Years, to giveaway to one lucky BTM reader. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, CBS Consumer Products have commissioned a series of art pieces to celebrate moments, characters, storylines and episodes from the franchise. Artists from around the world as well as famous fans have contributed lovingly made posters, photos, sculptures, comic strips, textiles and much more to commemorate this beloved show.

With this week being the 50th Anniversary of the premiere of the 1966 show, what better prize to award then this!

Set a course for the Delta Quadrant at Warp Factor 3, then click ahead for our trivia question for your chance to win. Plus we’ve got a great review of the book from earlier this week we’ll link below as well.


[BOOK REVIEW] Star Trek: 50 Years, 50 Artists

Star Trek: 50 Years, 50 Artists now available from Titan Books

Star Trek: 50 Years, 50 Artists now available from Titan Books

I don’t know what I was looking for in Titan Book’s latest multi-artist tribute to 50 years of Star Trek, but as a longtime and rabid fan, this was almost it…with some minor quibbles. The book was a bit like ordering an expensive meal at a lovely restaurant and receiving instead a very tasty salad with macaroni and cheese on the side. Quite good, but not as special as one might hope.

Much like the inquisitive and analytical Star Trek TOS character whom most of the artists professed as their favorite character during their accompanying interviews (guess who?), I would like to illuminate some issues inside of this not-inexpensive ($39.95) book.

Click ahead to read my full review of Star Trek: 50 Years, 50 Artists!

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