Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 70) – The GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto-1 Car and Designer Stephen Dane


Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

It’s one of the most recognizable and beloved cars in cinematic history and this year, it turns 55 years old. However, it’s the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters this summer that has shined the Slimelight back onto the original Ecto-1.

Beyond the Marquee was recently given an opportunity to check out the Ecto-1 at Sony Pictures Studios and we brought along a special guest who hadn’t seen the car in a long time. It’s a reunion 30 years in the making as Beyond the Marquee interviews the designer of the original Ectomobile, Stephen Dane!


THIS IS poster

“This is Where I Leave You” a Family on the Edge (Film Review)


Working with an extremely good cast This is Where I Leave You opens in theaters for an adult audience.  While the film does entertain, no doubt about it, it’s hard to get over the feeling that I’ve seen it before.  Not that the trailer gives it all away, but the film August: Osage County still sticks in my mind being one of my 2013 favorites.  However, although it’s very similar in the storyline, this film dishes out most of the animosity with a side of comedy and romance rather than a serious tone.  With adult couples missing in action from theaters due to a glut of action, adventure and crime thrillers, this dramedy should get their attention.

MAZE RUN Poster 2

“The Maze Runner” an Action Sci-fi Chiller (Film Review)


Dredging up some excitement for September the film The Maze Runner opens in theaters for its teen and young adult audiences comprised mostly of males. Based on a series of novels by James Dashner the science fiction actioner takes its target audience on a fast paced challenging mystery filled with action sequences that excite.  The film should help the box office take a turn for the better during this customarily slow month.

MY OLD poster

“My Old Lady” a Poignant Love Story (Film Review)


Writer and actor Israel Horovitz adds a second film to his directorial credits with My Old Lady. Originally written and produced for the stage, he has released the work as a film with brilliant cinematography and freedom to use a wider variety of settings. The movie stars Dame Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas in roles that seemingly are written for them. Touching, memorable and delightful My Old Lady reaches out for an older audience that embraces life and romance.

Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 69) – GHOSTBUSTERS Firehouse Headquarters On-Location


Ghostbusters 30th

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

“I think this building should be condemned. There’s serious metal fatigue in all the load-bearing members, the wiring is substandard, it’s completely inadequate for our power needs, and the neighborhood is like a demilitarized zone.”  - Egon Spengler

We tried to think of a better way of starting out an article about our recent visit to the Ghostbusters interior headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, but couldn’t top what was already said about the place in the original Ghostbusters movie. What was true for the production crew and the fictional characters in the 1980’s remains true to this day and the location, quite simply put, is a mere ghost of its former glory. Beyond the Marquee’s crew made the best of a difficult shoot and just had fun checking out some key filming locations from the film. Join our host Jon Donahue as he and co-host Andy Cohen from explore Ghostbusters HQ!

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Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 68) – GHOSTBUSTERS Merchandise and Preservation of the Ecto-1


Ghostbusters 30th

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

If you’re a Ghostbusters fan and you have any interest in Ghostbuster-related merchandise, toys, T-shirts, and donuts (yes, donuts), then you’ll want to check out the video above. Beyond the Marquee was recently invited down to Sony Pictures Studios to meet with our friends in the Consumer Marketing division and discover the great products that have been developed in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the original Ghostbusters film. In addition to the fun lineup of cool toys, prop replicas and the like, Sony is now releasing brand new Blu-rays of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II with all new special features and a 4K transfer.


Ghostbusters 1 & 2 on Blu-ray Sept. 16th

Looking over the great Ghostbusters-themed merchandise and toys was a lot of fun for us, but it was the biggest toy on the studio lot that caught our attention the most – the original screen-used Ecto-1 car. Sony provided us full access to the car and that allowed us an opportunity to not only sponsor a reunion of sorts (check out our next BTM Web-Series episode), but to also talk about an important topic on the minds of most Ghostbusters fans…the iconic car’s future preservation.


Click Read More for more about Ghostbusters Merchandising through the years.

Check out Disney’s New ‘Into the Woods’ Poster featuring Meryl Streep as THE WITCH!

Your childhood nursery rhymes will never be the same again...

Your childhood nursery rhymes will never be the same again…

Disney has just released the new theatrical one-sheet movie poster for their upcoming musical fantasy film “Into the Woods”

The poster features Streep as her character of “the witch” in the eagerly awaited film based off the Tony-winning musical centered on a childless couple, who set out to end a curse placed on them by a vengeful witch.

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, ‘Into the Woods’ is directed by Rob Marshall and features an ensemble cast including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Lilla Crawford, Daniel Huttlestone, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, Mackenzie Mauzy, Billy Magnussen, and Johnny Depp

“Into the Woods” opens Christmas day.

What do you think of Meryl Streep as the witch? Leave your comments below!

An Interview with GHOSTBUSTERS Producer, Joe Medjuck (including Ghostbusters 3 rumors)

Ghostbusters 30th

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

It’s been 30 years since the first release of Ghostbusters and interest in the movie has once again peaked. The film was recently re-released to theaters for an extended run in early September and Sony is now offering an impressive new Blu-ray transfer with updated special features. Ghostbusters-related consumer products are infiltrating the market with everything from T-shirts to Krispy Kreme donuts. To say the very least, Ghostbusters fans have been treated to a lot of good stuff lately.

With the original movie back in the public mainstream and rumors of Ghostbusters 3 resurfacing pretty much everyday, the original film’s producers, Ivan Reitman and Joe Medjuck, have been receiving their fair share of questions from fans and the media. It’s safe to say that interest in the Ghostbusters franchise won’t disappear anytime soon.

While Ivan Reitman mainly concentrated on directing the film, it was Associate Producer, Joe Medjuck, who had his work cut out for him taking on much of the responsibility to ensure that Ghostbusters was brought in on time and on budget. For someone, who up to that point had not really produced a film other than 1981’s lighter-budgeted comedy, Stripes, (also with Reitman at the helm) completing a large-budget movie was definitely a trial-by-fire experience. The hard work paid off and Joe has had a very successful career working as a producer on several well-known movies and TV shows throughout the years, not least of which is Ghostbusters and its sequel.

Beyond the Marquee recently sat down with Joe Medjuck at his Montecito, CA home to discuss the making of the original film and some other aspects of the Ghostbusters universe. Naturally, talk about a possible new installment in the Ghostbusters franchise came up in our conversation and Joe was more than happy to not only reflect on some lesser-known aspects of the making of the original movie, but also address some rumors about a new Ghostbusters film on the horizon.

Lindaee Reviews “LISTEN” Doctor Who (S8, Ep 4)

With an episode about things under your bed at night, what better place for Lindalee to review “LISTEN”, then in her own bedroom!?

In this latest installment of Doctor Who we ask what scares the Doctor? Ghosts of the past and future crowd into the lives of the Doctor and Clara; a terrified caretaker in a children’s home, the last man standing in the universe, and a little boy who doesn’t want to join the army… “What’s that in the mirror, and the corner of your eye? What’s the footstep following, but never passing by?”


FROZEN Marquee Art of Anna and Elsa Unveiled at Walt Disney Studios Main Theater Today!

Elsa and Anna adorn the top of the Walt Disney Studios theater

Elsa and Anna adorn the Walt Disney Studios Theater

Today at the historic Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA., headquarters to the Walt Disney Company, Chairman and CEO Bob Iger,  Motion Picture Chairman Alan Horn, and Filmmakers and Producers from the 2013 hit animated film, FROZEN, were on hand for an unveiling of the Studio’s Main Theater marquee.

With hints of a FROZEN theme from the invitation and the obvious FROZEN soundtrack being played at the event, speculation of an announcement about a possible FROZEN sequel had cast members abuzz. Some suspected it may be a delayed West Coast announcement of the news from earlier today about a FROZEN ride being built at EPCOT in Orlando.

“We are so very very proud of this movie because it’s success, it’s quality, everything, is completely consistent with the values that we share and the values that we care so much about in the company”. boasted studio Chairman Alan Horn

A few minutes after noon, with an introduction from Alan Horn and heartfelt words from the filmmaking team on the unexpected and phenomenal success of the box-office record breaking film; the curtain on the Theater dropped and revealed a beautiful image of Anna and Elsa from the film.

The ceremonies closed out with the EVP and General Manager of Walt Disney Animation Studios, Andrew Millstein’s words; “On behalf of myself, John and Ed, just how much pride we feel in all of the artists and everyone who works at Disney Animation, for pouring so much of their creative spirit into the film, and everyone who made that film great. The success of FROZEN belongs to everybody here throughout the company, it’s amazing to watch and feel how lovingly it’s been embraced and understand that it would not have succeeded without all of you. It’s truly one of the great things that make Disney what it is. When you talk about the Disney Difference, it’s just that, when the whole company rallies around something in an incredibly powerful way like it has on FROZEN. You feel like you’re something that’s so much bigger than yourself”.

Next Monday – GHOSTBUSTERS Week Materializes on Beyond the Marquee!

Ghostbusters Week on Beyond the Marquee

Ghostbusters Week on BTM … Sept. 15th – 19th

It’s time to charge up your Proton Packs, grab a bag of Stay Puft Marshmallows and a Twinkie or two! In celebration of the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray release of 1984’s original Ghostbusters film, Beyond the Marquee will be hosting a week-long retrospective event filled with videos, articles and more…all centered around everyone’s favorite ghost-busting crew.

The fun starts on Monday, September 15th!

Ghostbusters Week will be packed with exciting and exclusive content, some of which will include an interview with Ghostbusters Producer, Joe Medjuck, an On-Location tour of the Ghostbusters HQ Firehouse, a showcase of cool Ghostbusters merchandise from Sony Pictures Consumer Marketing, and a 30 years-later reunion with Stephen Dane and the classic car he designed – the Ectomobile.

To top it all off at the end of the week, we will announce the start of a big contest giveaway of Ghostbusters-themed merchandise from our friends at Sony and Mattel. So, tune in and pay attention to see how you can win! Once again, it all starts Monday, September 15th.

Who Ya Gonna Call for great, new Ghostbusters content?  Beyond the Marquee!

What are the Walt Disney Studios Revealing Tomorrow at Noon!?!?

What are the Walt Disney Studios Revealing Tomorrow at Noon!?!?

A mysterious large black cloth drapes over the Walt Disney Studios Main Theater marquee…

We’ve been clued into a mysterious announcement taking place tomorrow at Noon (PST) at the Walt Disney Studios lot with Studio Chairman and Motion Pictures President Alan Horn (and Special Guests) as they unveil the new Main Theatre marquee.

From the clue on the invitation that reads “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER WE’RE GETTING WHAT WE’VE BEEN DREAMING OF!, it would seem pretty obvious that it’s something FROZEN movie related, especially since it’s taking place on the Walt Disney Studios lot (in Burbank, California).

We’ve heard rumblings of a FROZEN Broadway-style show, but we assume that announcement would take place in New York. We recently were told of “FROZEN FEVER,” the new short playing ahead of Cinderella next March, the FROZEN Ice-Capades show has been in the works for awhile now, perhaps a reveal of a FROZEN movie sequel?

Going outside the FROZEN speculation, we are anticipating that this will be news of a permanent Walt Disney Studios Archive Museum that would showcase rotating themes of Disney Props and Costumes year-round. Bob Iger has talked about wanting it for years.  Who knows, maybe, finally, now, it’s becoming a reality?

Beyond the Marquee will be on hand for the big reveal no matter what it is, so be sure to check back around 12:30pm for pics and an update right here!

And leave your thoughts below on what you think the surprise may be!!!

DROP Poster

“The Drop” A Gripping Crime Drama (Film Review)


Probably the darkest crime drama’s you’ll see this year and that’s a good thing.  The film The Drop takes you into the hazy world of crime that has only one way out, a body bag.  Stellar acting, fine executed direction and a suspense filled plot that will keep you glued to the screen.  The film does spool out at a steady slow pace, but the rewards are high for those who want one more chance to enjoy a final great performance on film by James Gandolfini.

Lindalee Rose recaps Doctor Who’s “Robot of Sherwood” (Season 8, Episode 3)

Our resident 6 year old Whovian; Lindalee Rose reviews Doctor Who‘s 3rd Episode of Season 8 in which the Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars in Sherwood Forest.

Who is real and who isn’t? Check out Lindalee’s Recap and Review of “Robot of Sherwood” to find out!

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Filming Begins on New Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks Movie & BTM’s own Jon Donahue is On the Set

Tom Hanks reunites with Steven Spielberg for their fourth movie a new Cold War thriller

Tom Hanks reunites with Steven Spielberg for a new Cold War thriller.  It marks their fourth movie working together.

Production has begun in New York on the new Steven Spielberg-directed Cold War drama starring Tom Hanks.

Based on a true story, Hanks portrays James Donovan, a lawyer handling negotiations for the release of a captured American U-2  pilot. The untitled spy thriller, which hits theaters next October, reunites 58-year-old actor Tom Hanks and 67-year old Steven Spielberg in their fourth movie together.

Beyond the Marquee’s Co-Founder and Web-Series Reporter, Jon Donahue (pictured in white behind Steven Spielberg), is currently on-location working on the film which is rumored to be filming in New York for the next six-weeks before moving to Germany to continue production.

No stranger to working with Hanks, Donahue has worked side-by-side with Tom on such Hollywood Blockbusters as Saving Mr. Banks, Angels and Demons, The Ladykillers, Cloud Atlas, Charlie Wilson’s War, Captain Phillips and the upcoming, A Hologram for the King.

Sworn to secrecy, Jon unfortunately won’t be offering up any spoilers anytime soon, but the UK’s gossip site, “Daily Mail Online” has some pics from Monday’s first day of filming that are worth checking out.

We here at Beyond the Marquee are proud that one of our own Marquee’ologists is on hand and working behind-the-scenes on this exciting new film. We look forward to seeing the finished work in theaters next year. 

[VIDEO] Lindalee Interviews the DOLPHIN TALE 2 Cast & Crew (BTM: The Web-Series – Ep.67)

An avid fan of the movie Dolphin Tale and a lover of Dolphins themselves, resident 6 year old kid-reporter Lindalee Rose couldn’t pass up a chance to interview the cast & crew of the new Warner Bros. film Dolphin Tale 2 at the Blue Carpet World Premiere.

With a passion for Dolphins, Lindalee not only expressed her interest for the intelligent marine animals, but did a bit of networking of her own a couple decades early to try and secure a future job at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. She also got a chance to sing a duet with one of the stars of the film, Cozi Zuehlsdorff with her song “Brave Souls”, an original song written for the film Dolphin Tale 2.

Check out the video above and click ahead to see Lindalee’s personal Blue Carpet interview pics from the big event….

Comedy Legend Mel Brooks Leaves His Mark on Hollywood at his Hand/Footprint Ceremony

Comedy legend Mel Brooks attends his hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre

Comedy legend Mel Brooks attends his hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Photo credit: Dan Steinberg.

The most famous movie palace in the world, The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® honored filmmaker and comedy legend MEL BROOKS today, September 8 in honor of his favorite film, Young Frankenstein, which celebrates its 40th anniversary, and arrives on Blu-ray September 9 (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment).

Being the constant joker Mel was on-hand with a prosthetic finger on his left hand!

Click ahead to check out some pics from the event!

What’s your favorite Mel Brooks movie? Let us know in the Comments Below!

One Night Only! See for the Last Time, the Original Lone Ranger Mask! (Soon to be Auctioned)



It’s the 100th Birthday for A Hollywood Classic; THE LONE RANGER, aka Clayton Moore, who played the fictional western character the Lone Ranger from 1949–1951 and 1954–1957 on the television series of the same name and starred in the first Lone Ranger Film in 1956, for Warner Bros.

In celebration of this milestone, the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour‘s “Meet The Family” Speaker series resumes next WEDNESDAY 9/10 in Burbank at 6:30PM with the Lone Ranger’s daughter Dawn Moore. On hand there will be some very cool Lone Ranger memorabilia on display including an original Lone Ranger mask, Movie Posters, and historical photos.

If you’ve ever wondered what magic lies behind the gates of the WB, here’s your chance because THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND FREE.

Click ahead details and Hi-Ho-Silver…AWAY!!!

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