[VIDEO] Watch the ‘Back to the Future Part III’ Fan Event (‘Doc’umentary)


Relive the fun, excitement, heart, and adventure of the inaugural 4-day ‘Back to 1885’ fan event that celebrates everything ‘Back to the Future Part III’. The historic towns of Columbia, Jamestown, and Sonora, California set the stage for the biggest tribute of the third installment of the beloved ‘Back to the Future’ time travel trilogy. Witness stunning footage of the world’s most dedicated fans reliving scenes from their favorite film, jumping off the ‘clock tower’ down a 1500’ zip line, then kicking up their heels in jubilation at the Hill Valley Festival. The ‘Citizens of Hill Valley’ are interviewed as they mingle with the real life musicians, extras, production crew, and even some high-falutin’ celebrities from the film. The biggest star of all, the famous Sierra #3 steam train, makes a historic debut dressed as it was in ‘Back to the Future Part III’, 30 years ago. Get ready to steam ahead and ride into the sunset as you venture ‘Back to 1885’ one more time!

[VIDEO] We’re at the Gamble House (aka Doc’s Mansion) for a Back to the Future Celebration Event!

Beyond the Marquee once again partnered with BacktotheFuture.com to capture the fun and excitement of the latest Back to the Future Celebration. This most recent event brought together fans of the classic time-travel series, as well as fans of turn of the century architecture to the historic Gamble House in Pasadena California (known to film BTTF fans as Doc Brown’s mansion).

Along the way, assorted crew, filmmakers and colorful personalities were on hand to ensure that this was to be a red-letter date in history!!!

To learn more about upcoming Back to the Future Celebrations, visit; http://www.facebook.com/backtothefuturecelebration Learn more about the historic Gamble House by visiting; http://gamblehouse.org/

[VIDEO] Check out the New Trailer for DEADPOOL 2!

Behold the Second Coming, as the Merc with a Mouth delivers unto you a new trailer for the highly anticipated #DEADPOOL 2 from 20th Century Fox!

DEADPOOL 2 hits theaters everywhere on May 18, 2018!

[REVIEW] Old Habits Die Hard in Owen Dara’s “THE HOLY FAIL”


There’s something about the deadpan humor of the Irish that always seems to work—and Owen Dara’s THE HOLY FAIL is no exception. Set in Dara’s hometown of Cork, Ireland, the story centers around a newlywed couple already headed for divorce. Dara, the multi-hat-wearing writer, director, producer, and songwriter of the film, also stars in the lead role as the obsessively clean and boringly predictable, Brendan.




Now that the Super Bowl is over and your favorite team has won (or lost), the real game can begin — the 90th annual Academy Awards. Specifically wagering on the Academy Awards, which will be broadcast in a few short weeks.

The Oscars are just as popular as football when it comes to home and office betting pools. Or March Madness. Or death pools. I don’t know anything about those. I do, however, know a thing or two about the Oscars. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing for this website.

Each and every year I look forward to whichever Oscar-viewing party that I’ll be attending, and I’ll be intending to win the pool hosted therein. Here are my picks, and the logical reasoning behind them, in no particular order…

[VIDEO] SOLO: A Star Wars Story, the Official Trailer Debuts!!!


Hot off it’s Super-Bowl teaser comes the new trailer for SOLO (a Star Wars story), based on the early days of everyone’s favorite scoundrel, gambler and hero, Han Solo. What are his origin stories? Hopefully some answers will be found not just in the movie, but in the teaser. How did he acquire the Millenium Falcon? How did he meet Chewbacca? Will we see the infamous Kessel Run? Lets watch and find out.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25.

[VIDEO] “Paddington 2” Cast & Crew Interviews from the US Premiere

Junior Reporter Lindalee Rose was on the scene for the Blue Carpet US premiere for “Paddington 2”, the sequel to the 2015 hit family film about the small bear with a big heart. In this segment, she interviews cast, crew and special guests about the all the magic, mystery and marmalade of the latest movie. @paddingtonbear #paddington2

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