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MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: Snafu (television mini-series critique)

“You think you know me, but I’ve never been more than what each of you have created. To you I’m a stray kitten left on your doorstep to be protected. Those are Peggy Carter’s words after self-confessing everything to fellow S.S.R. agents Dooley, Daniel, and Thompson who, despite a triple interrogation, were unable to grill […]

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: A Sin to Err (television mini-series critique)

In A Sin to Err, a Russian scientist is asked why his country’s Black Widow spy program is comprised solely of women. His reply: “Women are often overlooked. Taken for granted.” This statement not only explains how the Widows are so successful at espionage (No one pays attention to the so-called weaker sex.), it also […]

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: The Iron Ceiling (television mini-series critique)

The fifth episode of Agent Carter is chockfull of notable moments. There’s a reference to the Turing Test, something that half of the audience (myself included) wouldn’t get if this show had aired before The Imitation Game premiered. We also get a cameo from Smallville alum John Glover that begs the Fringe-worthy question — Can […]

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: The Blitzkrieg Button (television mini-series critique)

This episode’s title, The Blitzkrieg Button, refers to a Blitzkrieg ball, which, when pressed, turns into a Blitzkrieg bomb. Or so says Howard Stark who sends Peggy on a mission to retrieve his invention before it falls into enemy hands. However, could the enemy be Stark himself? That’s what Peggy suspects when she pushes the […]

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: Time and Tide (television mini-series critique)

My previous reviews of Agent Carter have praised Hayley Atwell’s performance as Carter and she deserves it, but so too do her fellow thespians. I’ll get to Dominic Cooper and James D’Arcy in future critiques. Up first though is Peggy’s quartet of male co-workers at the Strategic Scientific Reserve. (S.S.R.) Tweet

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: Bridge and Tunnel (television mini-series critique)

A.B.C. and Marvel are making a smart, unique move right now. They’ve cut Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s sophomore season into two halves, ending the first on a great cliffhanger that makes us hate (in a good way) that we have to wait until March for the second half. In the meantime, we get to see the […]

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER: Now is Not the End (television mini-series critique)

I’ve always loved Hollywood’s rendition of World War II. Don’t get me wrong, Saving Private Ryan and Flags of our Father are great, important films and I totally get that war is hell, but when I need a break from true history, I enjoy the romanticized version. The Great Escape. The Dirty Dozen. Indiana Jones […]

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