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Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Blu-Ray Review)

Ever since its release in 1988, “Die Hard” has been the action movie that spawned a million imitators.  It’s almost become a joke to those who pitch films… “It’s like Die Hard on an aircraft carrier!” (“Under Siege”).  There’s Die Hard in a mall (“Point Blank”), Die Hard in a prep school (“Toy Soldiers”) and […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews ASTRONAUT: THE LAST PUSH (DVD Review)

With “Gravity” pulling everybody into theaters over the last few weeks, it looks like space movies are making a comeback.  I mean, what better setting for a high-tension drama than an infinite void that could suffocate or crush you at a moment’s notice.  Space is one bad motha and since we don’t know all that […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews KILLJOY GOES TO HELL (DVD Review)

Life can be pretty unfair.  The other day I got cited for blocking an intersection because the car in front of me decided not to pull up as far as he could after turning on an arrow.  Maybe I can beat it in court.  Maybe not. Either way, I was so mad I could’ve died.  […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews GOD BLESS AMERICA (DVD Review)

I’m proud to be an American, but the bulk of us have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Sure, there are the types who believe that if it’s not from the US of A it ain’t worth a day-yum. But for the most part, I think Americans aren’t only tolerant of other cultures, we […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews SPAWN [1997] (Blu-Ray Review)

Popular culture is a funny thing.  Certain trends hit wildly popular and often come back to haunt us years later.  The 90’s was all about pop-rap, flannel shirts, depression and ultimately a corporate sponsored faux 1960’s “raging against the machine”.  A bohemian lifestyle reminiscent of Paris in the late 1800’s flourished – not in saloons […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews JASON X (DVD Review)

Happy Friday the 13th, Doc!  After watching that zombie/stripper film, I found myself in the mood for more of the risque.  Well, as luck would have it,  Jason X isn’t one of those “adult” parodies I enjoy so much… but it fits with the day, so what the hell.  Widely regarded as the worst (and […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews ZOMBIES VS. STRIPPERS (DVD Review) ***MATURE***

Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet;”  Well, there’s a lot in a name, or more specifically a title.  Snakes on a Plane famously became a cult phenomenon before it was even released thanks to its no-nonsense (or all-nonsense) title.  Don’t […]

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