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What If Modern Day Female Hunter; Eva Shockey Had Been in THE HUNGER GAMES?

“I don’t know how else to put this: Make sure they remember you.” As the character Haymitch Abernathy voiced in the 2012 film The Hunger Games, in order for a tribute to have a fighting chance in the dystopian world Panem’s annual life-and-death game of survival, the chosen competitor must make a lasting impression, as […]

What Big-Screen HOLLYWOOD Celebs are Starring on Broadway This Summer and Fall?

It’s not uncommon that Hollywood stars regularly make the leap to Broadway. Whether it’s a career move, mid-season time-killer, passion project or the perfectly cast starring role, this year alone, more than two dozen shows feature a big-screen celeb. If you’re interested on whats currently on Broadway or coming soon to Broadway, we’ve got a […]

4DX – FEEL YOUR NEXT HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!!! – (Your Cinematic Experience Reviews)

Last week resident Marquee’ologist Jay West gave us one of the first in-depth reviews in the country of the 4DX theater Experience, with it’s premiere showing of TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction. Now more reviews continue to keep rolling in on this unique and revolutionary cinematic craze, which recently made its debut in Downtown Los Angeles. If you’ve maybe heard about 4DX, but […]

[FAN MAIL] – A BTM Reader Notes the Similarities in the Movie Posters for EARTH to ECHO and E.T.

Beyond the Marquee reader Danny K from Clearwater, Florida dropped us a line last night to discuss his observations on the similarities for the movie posters EARTH to ECHO and E.T.. We always welcome reader mail and thought we’d share his email with our fellow Marquee’ologists. “Hi Beyond the Marquee, I was at the local Cobb […]

Celebrity-inspired Charities put Hollywood to Work

Top A-list stars show their true colors by using their fame for the greater good. Celebs across the globe partner with national companies in an bold effort to save the world. Taking a break from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet these Hollywood stars put the spotlight on philanthropy. Click ahead to check […]

Whats Blue, Furry and Eating Up the Internet!!?!?

The answer may surprise you! It’s Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Now we can’t seem to find the exact reason why this fun feature exists in the world, but we kind of don’t care. Just head to and then drag the blue OMNOMNOMIFY Blue Box up to your Bookmarklet Bar line. Then go into your […]

A Look at the Five Best Student Film Competitions

Before Steven Spielberg made “Jaws,” Ridley Scott made “Gladiator” and the Coen brothers made “No Country for Old Men,” these directors made student films. An extraordinary director isn’t groomed over night, and student films enable aspiring move makers to take risks and learn their craft. Fortunately, the next wave of cinema leaders has plenty of […]

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