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Box Office Monday: Prometheus Can’t Top Madagascar

  Although Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was expected to have a larger opening, it has made number three on the list of “Biggest Opening Weekends NOT at Number One” with over $50 million. So who grabbed the number one spot? Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted took the glory this week with $60 million. $60 million for […]

Box Office Monday: Snow White Takes a Bite Out of the Box Office

Snow White and the Huntsman had the fourth largest opening this year with $56.2 million, despite predictions of it bombing. I guess Snow White did get her prince, the audience, to rescue her after all. If only Universal’s Battleship could of had a prince. The lack of competition played a major role in Snow Whites […]

Box Office Monday: The MIB take down The Avengers

So, it’s Wednesday and not Monday. Our timing is a little off, but not as off as the jokes in Men in Black 3. After several weeks of being number one at the box office, The Avengers had finally met their match. Men in Black 3 took the number one spot, making over $69 million […]

Box Office Monday: Battleship Sinks to the Avengers

We know, we know. It’s a day late, but let’s face it, no one is perfect… besides the Avengers. In their third week, Marvel’s The Avengers is still number one at the box office. And yet again, another record is set! The Avengers hold the second-best third weekend, behind Avatar ($68.5 million). Heck, at the […]

Box Office Monday: The Avengers Still Kickin’ Butt

Last week, Marvel’s The Avengers raked in quite a few box office records, and this week will be no different. Having grossed over $370 million domestically and $1 billion worldwide, The Avengers hold the records for best second weekend, fastest movie to reach $300 million and $350 million, and highest eight-day, nine-day, and ten-day grosses. […]

“Carbon-Freeze Me” at Star Wars Week

At this years Star Wars Week at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (May 18- June 10), fans of the Star Wars series will be able to put themselves in Han Solo’s shoes and relive the infamous Carbonite freezing scene from The Empire Strikes Back… well, sort of.

Universal Studios Orlando Celebrates 100 Years!

As we reported earlier, Universal Studios turned 100 years old. To help honor this great triumph, Universal Studios Orlando Resort will be celebrating with a new parade, a new nighttime show, and a new simulation ride. Starting today, Universal Studios Florida will host a new parade, called Universal’s Superstar Parade, featuring some beloved characters. Just to name […]

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