Box Office Monday: Snow White Takes a Bite Out of the Box Office

Snow White and the Huntsman

Mirror Mirror?

Snow White and the Huntsman had the fourth largest opening this year with $56.2 million, despite predictions of it bombing. I guess Snow White did get her prince, the audience, to rescue her after all. If only Universal’s Battleship could of had a prince.

The lack of competition played a major role in Snow Whites and the Huntsman’s success. It was the only wide release last week, that played on more than 1,000 screens. Yes, I’m talking about you For Greater Glory, which opened with a very disappointing $1.9 million.

So what happened to the big ball players known as The Avengers and Men in Black 3? Well, MIB 3 dropped 48% and The Avengers dropped 44% from last week, not including Memorial Day’s numbers.

So how long will Snow White and the Huntsman stay on top? It’s not sure. It may be a good film to see while the kids are at Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Or skip Snow White and check out the much hyped Prometheus

Box Office Monday: (June 1-3, 2012)

  1. Snow White and the Huntsman – $56,217,700
  2. Men in Black 3 – $28,075,210
  3. Marvel’s The Avengers – $20,486,418
  4. Battleship – $5,092,295
  5. The Dictator – $4,702,004
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