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Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews WHITE HOUSE DOWN (Blu-Ray Review)

Ever since its release in 1988, “Die Hard” has been the action movie that spawned a million imitators.  It’s almost become a joke to those who pitch films… “It’s like Die Hard on an aircraft carrier!” (“Under Siege”).  There’s Die Hard in a mall (“Point Blank”), Die Hard in a prep school (“Toy Soldiers”) and […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews ASTRONAUT: THE LAST PUSH (DVD Review)

With “Gravity” pulling everybody into theaters over the last few weeks, it looks like space movies are making a comeback.  I mean, what better setting for a high-tension drama than an infinite void that could suffocate or crush you at a moment’s notice.  Space is one bad motha and since we don’t know all that […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews KILLJOY GOES TO HELL (DVD Review)

Life can be pretty unfair.  The other day I got cited for blocking an intersection because the car in front of me decided not to pull up as far as he could after turning on an arrow.  Maybe I can beat it in court.  Maybe not. Either way, I was so mad I could’ve died.  […]

R.I.P. Tony Scott

Tony Scott, director of such films as True Romance, Days of Thunder, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Crimson Tide passed on today in Los Angeles, CA.  Scott is the brother of Ridley Scott and produced his latest release, Prometheus.  He had several projects lined up including a sequel to 1986’s Top Gun, which he also directed. Scott was 68.

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews GOD BLESS AMERICA (DVD Review)

I’m proud to be an American, but the bulk of us have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Sure, there are the types who believe that if it’s not from the US of A it ain’t worth a day-yum. But for the most part, I think Americans aren’t only tolerant of other cultures, we […]

Full Moon posts ***OFFICIAL*** KILLJOY 4 Trailer!

Fans of my Downtown Cinema column know I’m a fan of Full Moon Features’ fare.  So feel free to accompany me in rejoicing over the new KILLJOY GOES TO HELL trailer! The fourth installment of the Killjoy series finds the demonic clown on trial for not being evil enough. His only chance at acquittal is to find […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews SPAWN [1997] (Blu-Ray Review)

Popular culture is a funny thing.  Certain trends hit wildly popular and often come back to haunt us years later.  The 90’s was all about pop-rap, flannel shirts, depression and ultimately a corporate sponsored faux 1960’s “raging against the machine”.  A bohemian lifestyle reminiscent of Paris in the late 1800’s flourished – not in saloons […]

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