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Finding GRAVITY (A Film Commentary)

  As the end credits rolled, my first thoughts of Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, Gravity, were, “!!!!” I have not watched a movie in the theater this intense since Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down. This may have something to do with my worst fears – drowning or being exposed to the vacuum of space – […]

Adrenaline RUSH (A Film Review)

Ron Howard’s new movie, Rush, expands to over 2000 theaters this weekend, and I happened to catch a sneak peek last week complete with an actors, writer, and producers Q&A following the screening.  I was not familiar with the story, nor had I read up on the events before seeing the film, so I was […]

Clooney’s Payne-ful Decisions

The Descendants arrived in theaters yesterday – 5 to be exact – and will expand tomorrow to 27 more. Depending on the reception, the movie will continue to expand to markets, maybe even making it possible for my parents in the Midwest to see it if they so desire this holiday awards season. The newest […]

The Rise of Katniss Everdeen

This merits a mention since it’s been abuzz on the Internet all week. Finally, we get a look at the young adult series succeeding Twilight and Harry Potter. Lionsgate has taken on The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins about a dystopian future pitting kids against kids to the death. Sorry, Battle Royale fans, but […]

A Not So Dangerous Movie

I had the opportunity to attend the Los Angeles premiere of David Cronenberg’s new film, A Dangerous Method, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, none of the stars made the trip due to other engagements, but Cronenberg and his producing partner, Jeremy Thomas, introduced the film, and a few celeb […]

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