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MARQUEE MAMA says Disney’s CINDERELLA Casts a New Spell – At the Stroke of Perfection!

I think I finally understand the hypnotic abilities of fairy tales. It was always very mysterious to me why little girls devoted their young selves to emulating princesses from movies – wearing the giant bell-shaped dresses, sparkly tiaras, sometimes even carrying a wand. I wondered, do they all believe they’ll someday marry into a royal […]


This may seem counterintuitive, but as a reviewer, I try to know as little as possible about a new movie going into a screening so that I can be as objective as humanly possible in order to deliver a completely honest review, free from studio spin. This usually works well. But in McFarland, USA, I […]


If the title of “Strange Magic” casts its spell on you, as it did me, you will enter the theater craving the strangely magical ELO 70’s hit tune. But you will have to wait for that. I rarely tout a movie’s soundtrack in advance of discussing the movie first, but in this case, the eclectic […]

(Film Review) MARQUEE MAMA Sings the Praises of Disney’s INTO THE WOODS

I wish… More than anything… we were allowed to publish this review of Disney’s Into the Woods weeks ago! That way, you could have been learning the lyrics to the fantastic songs and been ready well ahead of time to sing out loud along with these amazing characters in what is certain to be the family […]

Marquee Mama Reviews FROZEN (Film Review)

I’ve been biting holes in my tongue trying not to reveal the wonderful twists and secrets of this fantastic film!  Do not – I repeat – do not talk to anyone about the end of this movie before you see it.  Talk about a spoiler alert! (but there aren’t really any spoilers in this review)

Marquee Mama Reviews Disney/PIXAR’s “MONSTERS UNIVERSITY”

This is the prequel (heck, I would have been happy with a sequel) I have been waiting for!  The original, Monsters, Inc., has occupied the top spot on my Fave-Kid-Movies list since it was released in 2001.  Now it has a very close second. Click ahead for my full review of Disney/PIXAR’s  Monsters University.

Read Marquee Mama’s Review for Disney’s “Oz The Great and Powerful” (Film Review)

Creating the story for this movie could be the most ambitious undertaking in the film industry.  Personally, I think the notion alone dwarfs the efforts of making “Titanic”!  I mean, who hasn’t imagined what happened before The Wizard of Oz?  Who hasn’t pondered the path the wizard took to get to Emerald City?  Or dreamed […]

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