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MARQUEE MAMA reviews OZ The Great and Powerful

Creating the story for this movie could be the most ambitious undertaking in the film industry.  Personally, I think the notion alone dwarfs the efforts of making “Titanic”!  I mean, who hasn’t imagined what happened before The Wizard of Oz?  Who hasn’t pondered the path the wizard took to get to Emerald City?  Or dreamed of the ways those witches became good and evil?  In life, reality rarely lives up to the fantasy, and in “Oz The Great and Powerful”, the same is true. Click ahead to read my full review of OZ  The Great and Powerful.


Marquee Mama’s Rating: Mom happy, Dad and kids only mildly happy




A charming black and white beginning will lure you into expecting a similar feel to the original film, but it quickly becomes far more tongue-in-cheek than charm, which provides for many giggles.  You might anticipate some coming nostalgia at the reference to the last name Gale, but you’ll be left to draw your own conclusions.

Most of the laughs will come from Oz, short for Oscar (James Franco), a circus magician and con man of his time, looking to score big riches – and lots of chicks along the way.  He’s irreverent and slick, but ironically he has an honest heart (minus his dating schemes).  On the run from the angry boyfriend of a recent ex, he hops into a hot air balloon and is blown by way of tornado to the Land of Oz.  Desperate for a new leader and under rule of the wicked witch, Glinda (doe-eyed Michelle Williams) shepherds Oz through his own missteps to help good defeat evil.




Lumbering explanation slows the pace of this movie and will likely lose those with shorter attention spans.  Even Oz’s inspiring speech is sluggish.  Sure, it’s action packed at times, and the effects are top notch.  The combat scenes are frightening and the flying monkeys are scarier than the original (could this be?).  In fact, this might be the best use of 3-D I’ve seen.  But I wonder what audience this film is intended for.  The youngest kids could find it too scary, the teen set will yawn at the lackluster love story (too innocent for Twi-hards), and those of us longing to revitalize our love for the original Wizard of Oz, well, this misses that mark wildly.

But in the Good vs. Evil genre, I do love the message of this movie:  “goodness is better than greatness.” And hallelujah!  No females were forced into unwanted matrimony.




What I Loved:

• 3-D is amazing! (and I never say that) Don’t blink during the waterfall scene.

• The blooming flowers in Oz are the reason color was invented.  Stunning!

• Flying monkeys were even scarier than the originals.

• Leather pants on a witch?  Wow, what an update!

• The visual artistry is evident and must be appreciated (don’t miss the flying bubble scene).

• James Franco is just plain funny.




What I Didn’t Love:

• Its slow-paced start and lumbering love story lags.

• The China doll scene is far too long and narrative.

• Dark Forest scenes may be a little too dark for young ones.

• All the buzz about the cast of witches was over-hyped. Multitudes of other actresses would be great in any of these roles, with the possible exception of Glinda (Michelle Williams).

• The green apple that does evil threw me.  Had to think about which fairytale I was watching….




Oz The Great and Powerful / Rated PG / In Theaters Friday, March 8, 2013



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