VOTE for “Hoverboard” a Great BACK TO THE FUTURE Themed PBS Film Festival Entry

It’s always nice when filmmakers drop us a line here at Beyond the Marquee, and yesterday we heard from our good pal Bob Gale, co-creator, co-writer, and co-producer of the Back to the Future film trilogy. Bob forwarded us a link he thought our BTM readers would truly enjoy – a short fiction film that’s part of this year’s PBS Online Film Festival called Hoverboard, about an imaginative young girl and her teddy bear who go on a quest to travel in time after watching Back to the Future Part II. If one thing is obvious, it’s that almost 30 years later, Back to the Future continues to inspire the imaginations of its fans both young and old. Take a look and then cast your vote by visiting  The PBS Online Film Festival is presented by Vision Maker Media ( Let us know what you think of the Hoverboard Film Festival entry in the comments below. And if you happened to miss our own Hoverboard adventures with Bob Gale, check out this Beyond the Marquee episode of our hit web-series.

NOTE: Beyond the Marquee has already been placed on the advance VIP list by Bob Gale for a special Back to the Future event coming to Universal Studios Hollywood later this year, details right now are unavailable as the event is in it’s infancy, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we can on it’s development.


Watch this ‘Back to the Future’ fan’s journey to create a “Hoverboard”



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