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Marvel Movies Poster Art

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a huge fan of alternative poster art and as a graphic designer I love to create my own fan art to celebrate some of my favorite movies. ┬áThis is a golden time for Marvel movie fans like myself as we have been treated to the release of Thor, Captain […]

Tyler Image Qs

Ask Tyler Stout Anything… The Interview

Last week we announced that we had lined up an interview with one of the world’s hottest poster artists, Tyler Stout and we wanted you questions. After collating some of the best and throwing in a few of our own, one of the busiest guys in the industry gave up a chunk of his day […]


Presenting Poster Artists: Tom Whalen

Nobody quite does posters like Tom Whalen does posters. His illustrative style and use of symmertry combined with beautiful colours and geometic shapes create the most strikingly simple posters around. He often limits his work to just a few colours but this only adds to the final effect. He has produced work for numerous clients […]


Presenting Poster Artist: Olly Moss

The second installment of “Presenting Poster Artists” takes us across the pond to my homeland, England to focus on one of the industries hottest properties, Olly Moss. Born in 1987 in the UK, Olly has shot to fame with his minimalist redesigns of some of the worlds biggest movies. Rising to fame as a popular […]


Mondo’s new E.T poster is out of this world!

The Alamo Drafthouse announced their new show yesterday, entitled Summer of ’82, inspired by one of the greatest years for movies ever! This summer sees the 30th anniversary of that purple patch of movies and to celebrate, the Alamo will screen a number of classic movies over the coming weeks including Conan, Tron, The Thing […]

A new movement for movie posters?

This week has seen the release of the first teaser poster for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie Django Unchained and it has been met with a mixed reaction from the world wide web. Using just 4 colours and taking quite a minimalist approach to its design, the poster is has been likened to the work of […]


WALT, Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You! (or is it?)

Browsing the net a few days ago I was struck by a beautiful image that grabbed my attention. It was a delightful looking poster for a movie I had heard nothing about. It would seem that Ryan Gosling was to play Walt Disney in a biopic about the great man himself! How did I not […]

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