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The Avengers by DaveWill

Dave Will Design…MARVEL Movie Posters

So hey guys, I thought it was about time I shared some of my own poster work with you all. As I may have mentioned, I design the odd alternative movie poster from time to time, purely as a hobby but its something Id love to do full time!

“Hey, you want a toothpick?” The posters of DRIVE.

  It’s been a great 12 months for movies. The Help, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Artist, The Iron Lady, Senna, Shame… the list is endless but for me one movie stands out from the rest. Drive. A movie based around a getaway driver is not exactly a new concept, if fact that synopsis alone […]

Wonderful One Sheets

As a huge fan of alternative movie posters I love nothing more than discovering an artist whose work absolutely rocks. One of the hottest names in the industry at the moment is Olly Moss, a 24 year old English designer who has experienced a dramatic rise to fame over the past few years.

The final design

The Saga Continues…

So you may have read my recent post on how I got into designing posters and I thought it would be great idea to share with you some insight into my creative process.

forrest visual

A long time ago, on a Mac far away…

Happy New Year readers! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I wanted to kick off 2012 with a brief introduction into how I ended up writing for BTM and give you an insight into my work and the process that is behind it. I’ll keep it brief…

7. Nightmare

Fabulous Festive Movies…My Top 10 Holiday Posters

Nobody really needs any encouragement to watch movies at Christmas time, but just in case you did, I thought it would be fun to share my top ten favorite Christmas movie posters with you all! The criteria has been quite simple when it comes to selecting each poster. I haven’t picked posters based on their […]

Something looks familiar…

In my last post I put forward the argument that modern day posters just don’t cut it anymore. So many movie posters released lately have really wasted their potential and missed out on an opportunity to stand out from the crowd . They could potentially have been timeless works of art, but instead they often […]

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