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Kirk, Spock and Bones: Teaching My Son The Essential (STAR TREK) Stuff That Matters

My one-year-old son will be asking me many difficult questions all too soon. Ones like: “Where do babies come from?” “Is Santa Claus real?” and most certainly: “Why is my middle name Tiberius?” As a Star Trek fan, I look forward to answering only one of these questions. I think that Star Trek has a […]

Calling All TREKKIES! LeVar Burton Wants Us To Shop and Be Charitable…Make It So!

The huge, amoeba-like network of Star Trek fans around the world frequently becomes an enthusiastic and vocal pool for wonderful charity works, and this year fans have an extra special reason to give. LeVar Burton hopes that his many fans, many of whom who know him best as the beloved character Lieutenant Commander Geordi La […]

Netflix Genius: Awesome Netflix Instant Movies You’re Probably Not Watching

Netflix Instant is a brilliant potpourri of exquisite visual landmines, all laid out for you and ripe for the picking. You may watch fabulously horrible movies so obscure that you would have would have never found them on DVD, as well as some really good movies that you wouldn’t have ever watched otherwise.  Here are a […]

Greatest Jerks of the Silver Screen: Mr. Joshua from Lethal Weapon (1987)

Aah, Gary Busey- a man who appears to be as gloriously unhinged offscreen as he is on. In early film roles Busey was a sheer delight to watch, mostly because his nuttiness, like the smell of pizza at Costco, permeates every scene in which he appears. In the film Lethal Weapon, audiences might have assumed […]

Greatest Jerks of the Silver Screen: Daniel from V (1983) and V: The Final Battle (1984)

This is a tribute to “Daniel,” one of the greatest jerks ever to grace the silver screen…the small one, that is. In 1983, V kicked sci-fi rumps everywhere, reminding us all that aliens don’t always want to share their Reeses Pieces with humanity. V was an excellent miniseries that still holds up today, about an […]

Greatest Jerks of the Silver Screen: Carter Burke from ALIENS (1986)

There have rarely been scumbags immortalized on the silver screen as slimy as Carter Burke, played by Paul Reiser.  Reiser, today a beloved comedian and star of the long running sitcom “Mad About You” (1992-99) said that after Aliens, people would furiously curse at him on the street.  Cast as a slimy company man, Burke […]

Greatest Jerks of the Silver Screen: Troy Perkins from The Goonies (1985)

The Goonies – as you must already know- is a fantastic 80’s movie about a group of misfits who brave an underground labyrinth of horrors for pirate treasure. There are many, many iconic characters appearing in this film. “Data”, played by the awesome Ke Huy “Short Round” Quan and “Chunk,” played by Jeff Cohen are […]

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