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Marquee Mama Reviews Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN (Film Review)

This is a first for me.  You’d normally come here to read about kid movies, family-friendly films – pretty much nothing with a rating stronger than PG (which includes films like Wreck-It Ralph and The Lorax).  But I stepped out recently with my husband for date night to see the much-anticipated Lincoln.  It was a good […]

Marquee Mama Reviews Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph (Film Review)

Question.  Who would relish a movie made in 2012 about video games from the 70s and 80s more: a child in 2012 or an adult from the 70s and 80s?  Answer:  Both! My daughter and I liked Wreck-It Ralph equally, but for different reasons.  I had so many laughs over the nostalgic references but she loved […]

MARQUEE MAMA Reviews Disney’s FRANKENWEENIE (Film Review)

The title of this movie alone was enough to make me laugh every time I saw a promo.  It was not enough, however, to carry my good feelings through to the end of “Frankenweenie.” Click ahead to read my review of the film!

MARQUEE MAMA Reviews Disney/PIXAR’s FINDING NEMO 3-D (Film Review)

My daughter and I had a bet going into this movie:  which scene would be the best to watch now that “Finding Nemo” has gone 3D?  She bet on the jelly fish forest while I went with the ride on the EAC.  We were both wrong.  And right!  “Finding Nemo 3D” makes it near-impossible to […]

MARQUEE MAMA Reviews The Odd Life of Timothy Green (A Family Movie for the Grown-Ups)

The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Disney’s got itself a sweet little family film here.  It’s just not exactly one for the kids.  Sure you’ll see plenty of kids in the movie, a dash of amusing, child-friendly scenes (an afternoon soccer game fiasco), and a healthy dose of fantasy sure to entertain any kids you […]

Marquee Mama’s TOP 10 Mother’s Day Movies!

What else would you want from Marquee Mama this Mother’s Day than a Top 10 list of the best the marquee has to offer to us moms?  It was a challenge for me to limit my list to 10, but for the sake of round numbers, and my inability to imagine any mom having the […]


  I’ll admit up front that I am not the target demographic for this kind of movie.  I’ve never been a comic book person, much less a Marvel insider.  And while I don’t think you need to be a Marvel diehard to enjoy this movie, it’ll help.

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