MARQUEE MAMA Reviews Disney’s FRANKENWEENIE (Film Review)

Marquee Mama Reviews FRANKENWEENIE

The title of this movie alone was enough to make me laugh every time I saw a promo.  It was not enough, however, to carry my good feelings through to the end of “Frankenweenie.” Click ahead to read my review of the film!


Marquee Mama’s Family Rating Scale for Frankenweenie (L-R) Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son


The story is actually quite heartwarming, if a little terrifying.  A young boy’s beloved dog dies tragically (more on this in a moment) and the boy brings him back to life via a science experiment.  That’s where things run amok, as they might when you mess with Mother Nature.

Prepare for a true-to-form Tim Burton film, meaning you’ll be treated to creepiness and laughs and a very skewed reality.  All that was fun and great, particularly the creepy “Weird Girl” (her actual character name) and Edgar E. Gore, who alone could have filled the film’s creepy quota.  The details of any Burton film should not be taken for granted.  The gangly fingers, the wide open eyes framed in shadows, the pointed noses – they all combine to serve up Burton perfection.




Now, maybe it’s just me and the personal feelings I bring to the theater.  But if you’ve had any recent pet trauma in your house (like we have), I could definitely see tears at the scene where Sparky meets his sudden demise (ok, so it doesn’t exactly end there).  But it’s really sad!

And be warned, this movie is scary!  It’s well-timed with Halloween around the corner, but if you have any youngsters who are prone to scary dreams or overactive imaginations, you could be on consoling duty after exposing them to “Frankenweenie”.




Things I loved:


–       Seeing this film in black and white was a real treat!  It served to deliver a more creepy ambience throughout.  And imho, black and white is severely underused.

–       Is it appropriate to compliment the dramatic lighting in an animated film?  If so, I do!

–       This movie is exciting enough to stoke any kid’s interest in science.

–       Although 3-D was utterly unnecessary for this film, it was well done when peering through fences.

–       The poodle struck with Bride of Frankenstein hair – priceless!




Things I didn’t love:


–       Scary parts are not only very scary, but they’re also prolonged.  I didn’t time the scenes, but some go on for a while with scary sights and sounds and no dialogue.

–       It’s a bit Jurassic Park when the resurrected turtle grows into a maniacal giant thing and the overgrown sea monkeys go wild.

–        The PTA meeting was much more for parents than kids. I could see mine yawning.

–       The science teacher was very funny (and appropriately creepy) but I was reminded of Dead Poet’s Society when he gets drummed out.  (More originality, less regurgitation please).

–       The concept of digging up animal corpses.  Not liking that.


Victor Resurrects SPARKY from Beyond the Grave!



“Frankenweenie” is Rated PG and is Now Playing In Theaters

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