Box Office Monday: The MIB take down The Avengers

Look Right Here, Marvel.

So, it’s Wednesday and not Monday. Our timing is a little off, but not as off as the jokes in Men in Black 3.

After several weeks of being number one at the box office, The Avengers had finally met their match. Men in Black 3 took the number one spot, making over $69 million opening weekend. But, The Avengers still made an impressive $47.2 million for it’s fourth-week, and only fell 15% from last week.

While Men in Black 3 didn’t do terrible for an opening weekend, it still fell short of what Sony was hoping for by $15 million. The numbers for Men in Black 3 are also a little weak for opening on a holiday weekend. Who’s to blame? The Avengers. While Marvel’s The Avengers only made $47.2 million, keep in mind that it was their fourth week. The Avengers are still pulling a large portion of the box office and will continue to do so. But, the men in black suits are doing fine over-seas, so Sony shouldn’t worry too much.

Chernobyl Diaries bombed last week (pun-not intended) opening with $9.4 million at the number 5 spot, but with a budget of only $1 million, it seems like a box office success.

Note: This Box Office Monday includes Memorial Day’s numbers as well as the weekend’s.

Box Office Weekend (May 25-28)

  1. Men in Black 3 – $69,254,717
  2. Marvel’s The Avengers – $47,222,414
  3. Battleship – $13,938,030
  4. The Dictator – $11,465,417
  5. Chernobyl Diaries – $9,355,124
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  1. salvador Presto says:

    I dig these Box office takes you do, fun to read and impressive to see the numbers these flicks pull in. good going.

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