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The Avengers top film for 2012

THE AVENGERS Takes Number 1 in John’s Top Ten

The movie year, 2012, has been questionable for quality film releases even with it’s nearly $11 billion dollar box-office take.  Struggling to choose the best films for my readers, I came up with the following list of 10 films (and three comedies I love from 2012). The followers that read my film critiques on a […]

The Big Mouse (Disney) and Stan Lee Are In A Super Battle!

    Who would have thought that Stan Lee, Comic Book Legend and Mickey Mouse would ever go to battle? Stan Lee Media, an Internet company that shut down more than ten years ago and has been mired in litigation ever since, has filed a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company.      

Box Office Monday: The Avengers Still Kickin’ Butt

Last week, Marvel’s The Avengers raked in quite a few box office records, and this week will be no different. Having grossed over $370 million domestically and $1 billion worldwide, The Avengers hold the records for best second weekend, fastest movie to reach $300 million and $350 million, and highest eight-day, nine-day, and ten-day grosses. […]

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