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Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews FREAK DANCE (DVD Review)

You know Doc, it’s easy to shred a bad movie… especially online.  Plenty of cyber critics tear into pictures they deem lousy with the ferocity of a lynch mob and it’s really unfair.  Movies are difficult to make and they (typically) require the passions of a collective group willing to dedicate weeks, months and even […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews RED SCORPION (Blu-Ray Review)

I never liked math as a kid (or as an adult for that matter), but here’s a little equation I threw together:  Dances With Wolves – wolves and Natives + Soviets and Africans – any dancing whatsoever + Little Richard music seemingly on repeat x Dolph Lundgren = 42.  Hold on Doc, I messed that […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE (DVD Review)

Hey Doc, welcome back.  I was just thinking: You know the thing I love about low-budget films?  The creativity that often compensates for a lack of funds.  They’re also fun to watch if you love the production process, as you can catch little flaws that are harder to spot in big “hollywood” pictures.  These movies […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews HONDO (Blu-Ray Review)

Hollywood loves pretty boys, but every once in a while a real man’s man comes around.  Burt Reynolds. Charles Bronson.  Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood.  These guys certainly weren’t your modern Ben Affleck types, Doc.  But when I think of a “man” there’s one who stood head and shoulders over his contemporaries as the very […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews 42ND STREET FOREVER: THE BLU RAY EDITION (Blu-Ray Review)

Hey Doc, this morning I was doing my pilates, listening to Prince and just fixating on life.  As a matter of fact, “Let’s Go Crazy” came on and the Purple One gave me some insight to it all: “Electric word, ‘life’. It means forever and that’s a mighty long time.  But I’m here 2 tell […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews THE WOMAN IN BLACK (DVD Review)

There’s just something about ghost stories, Doc.  A good one will dole out endless chills and sleepless nights, thrilling you all the while.  Everyone’s heard them (or told them) around the campfire as a kid, the anticipation of the scare being heightened by the lighting and the mood.  It’s not just the tale, it’s the […]

Downtown Cinema (with Malone) Reviews FILMGORE (DVD Review)

Here’s a little quote for you, Doc: “The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.”  – Fred Rogers.  That’s Mister Rogers, if you didn’t know him personally.  I may be a grown up, but I can still feel the twelve year old boy running around inside of me; though it could be […]

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