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COFFEEHOUSE SCREENWRITING 102: Caffeinated Writing on a Budget

If you’re looking for how to make passive characters active or how to cram writing in between day jobs and kids, then you’re in the wrong place.  For help with that, I recommend a great book with a title similar to this article — The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Alessandra. This article isn’t about how […]

Lindalee’s DOCTOR WHO Fan Art Review – Ep. 12 (featuring Arthur “Rory Williams” Darvill)

On this episode, Lindalee showcases fan-art from Doctor Who fans around the world, actor Arthur Darvill (“Rory Williams” from Doctor Who), plus she offers up a cool piece of fun fan art that YOU could win! During Lindalee’s recent visit to Gallifrey One, (the Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles) she met up with actor […]

SNOWPIERCER 1: THE ESCAPE — Titan Comics (Graphic Novel Review)

New in stores (both tangible and virtual) is Titan Comics’ English translation of the French graphic novel that inspired the upcoming film directed by a South Korean.  Got all that?  I’m talking about Snowpiercer 1: The Escape.  Is it worth reading before or after seeing the movie?  Or not at all.  Let’s find out. First […]

Fill Your Favorite Whovian’s Stocking with 50 Years of Doctor Who Fan Stories in “The Doctor and I”

As you’ve probably noticed during the past month, the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this year has shown no lack of fan appreciation and acknowledgement of this epic BBC television series. Our resident 5 1/2 year old Whovian Lindalee was certainly witness to the excitement and loyalty of Doctor Who fans who embarked on a 3 day celebration […]

New Details about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fan Stories Book “The Doctor and I”

With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who this year, the fan appreciation and acknowledgement of this epic BBC television series is bigger than ever. To add to the excitement of this Fall’s big celebration, our good friends over at WhovianNet have produced The Doctor & I, a book packed full of stories and memories from Doctor […]

CONTEST: Win a Copy of the New TV Novel “SUPERNATURAL: Carved in Flesh”

Fans of Sam and Dean Winchester and the CW TV show “Supernatural” listen up -Our good friends at TITAN Books have sent us 3 copies to give away of the brand new book based on the hit series, called “Carved in Flesh”. In this “Supernatural” novel (that reveals a previously unseen adventure set during season 7 […]

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