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THE KARATE KID Apartment Filming Location – Revisited

June 22nd marked the 30th Anniversary of the release of the original Karate Kid, and if you were a kid growing up in the 80’s, there’s little doubt this film probably left an indelible mark on your childhood. The film was a gigantic hit and not only resonated with audiences in theaters but also found much life on VHS tapes that […]

LOCATION, LOCATION, Location? #16 – Spies Like Us Drive-In

Did ‘ya Guess It? Despite some very subtle clues we provided on our Monday post and on the Beyond the Marquee Facebook page, we’re betting that no one out there was able to guess the 16th LOCATION, LOCATION, Location? entry…and that’s probably just how the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) would like to keep it! Admittedly, […]

LOCATION, LOCATION, Location? #12 – Revealed ~ Iron Man

Did ‘ya Guess It? Our twelfth LOCATION, LOCATION, Location?  probably holds an ironclad record as one of the most filmed locations used in all of film and television history.

LOCATION, LOCATION, Location? #11 – Revealed ~ This Is Spinal Tap

Did ‘ya Guess It? After our 10th LOCATION, LOCATION, Location?  entry, there was only one place to go – to #11.  Our 11th LLL? entry has been seen in countless movies and TV shows, so chances are if you made a guess, you were probably right. 

LOCATION, LOCATION, Location? #1 – Revealed ~ The Andy Griffith Show

Did ‘ya Guess It? This week we started a new segment called Location, Location, Location?  Our first entry  may have been too much of a stumper for people to guess correctly.


Finding E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial : The Filming Locations of E.T.

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