BTM Hoverboard Episodes to be Showcased by MATTEL at 2012’s Comic-Con: San Diego!

Comic-Con 2012 (July 12-15th)

Beyond the Marquee is honored to have been asked by Mattel to have a presence at their booth for Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego (July 12-15th).  If visiting Comic-Con, drop by the Mattel booth #3029 and look for the monitors showcasing our Exclusive Hoverboard episodes, along with the infamous video of Robert Zemeckis from the late 80’s claiming that Hoverboards were real.

Last March,  Beyond the Marquee premiered two exclusive web series episodes in conjunction with and Mattel’s  The episodes focused on the upcoming release of Matty Collector’s replica Hoverboards from the Back to the Future films.  Not surprisingly, the videos were a huge viral hit with Back to the Future fans and the online community, garnering a lot of attention.  Hey, People love Hoverboards!

BTM reporters AJ Locascio and Jon Donahue were given VIP access to take viewers behind-the-scenes for a look at the detailed creation process Mattel has undertaken to develop screen-accurate replicas of the Michael J. Fox pink Mattel hoverboard.  Mattel knew the importance of taking the time to build it to scale and paint it, even going so far as to include the help of a consultant very close to the Back to the Future films; Co-Creator, Writer and Producer, Bob Gale. Beyond the Marquee was on-hand for that historic meeting, documenting the stories, ideas and concepts discussed between the famous filmmaker and Mattel’s creative design team.

Here’s a slice of the Comic-Con event floorplan.  Look for the Mattel booth across from LUCASFILM Ltd. and next door to LEGO.  Tell Mattel that Beyond the Marquee sent you!





If you can’t make it out to Comic-Con this year, be sure to view our Hoverboard episodes in their entirety below.  Enjoy!

Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series *Extended Edition* (Episode 10)
EXCLUSIVE Look at Mattel’s HOVERBOARD Prop-Replicas : PART 1.

(EXCLUSIVE) Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 12)



(L to R ) BTM Reporter Jon Donahue, BTTF Co-Creator/Writer/Producer Bob Gale and Beyond the Marquee Founder & Host; Steve Czarnecki at Mattel’s Top-Secret Design Center in Los Angeles, CA




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    Holy Cow, thats HUGE! Congrats guys, well deserved.

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