The Greatest Lines in B-Movie History – I COME IN PEACE


Dolph Lundgren is a pretty good actor, a fact hidden in a dozen straight-to-DVD releases where unconvincing models are blown up.  Wait – just to be clear – my intention here was to put the image of model cities or trains exploding in your mind, but if your thoughts went to tall, skinny women with an inability to plausibly promote lipstick, then I’m completely comfortable with that.  Hang on – my intention with that last sentence was not to create the image of model cities and trains literally exploding inside your mind, but rather for you to imagine the explosion of replica plaster taking place somewhere outside the confines of the head.  English, he writes in a gently mocking tone of ink; am I right?

So, anyway, I Come in Peace features Lundgren as a bit of a rogue cop; someone who doesn’t quite play by the rules.  Dolph is determined to avenge his partner’s death at the hands of a bunch of ruthless drug dealers.  Unfortunately, the presence of battling aliens soon takes over his focus as one might expect it would when presented with such a situation … and by battling aliens, I mean one good alien and one evil one.

What are the aliens fighting about?  Why, heroin, of course.  The bad alien is injecting humans with heroin, and then harvesting the chemicals from their brains once they’re high; the heroinsuperbrainjuice (all one word) being far and away the most valuable commodity in the intergalactic black market.  It seems impractical that in the battle for supremacy over the drug trade in the known universe, the alien race would send only one representative for both the forces of good and evil, but in fairness, maybe alien social stratification is one that precludes teamwork and collaboration; instead stressing the value of individual responsibility.  Regardless, whenever the bad alien collects the heroinsuperbrainjuice, he whispers his catchphrase … the only English he apparently speaks  – “I come in peace.”

Irony notwithstanding, this alien is clearly a jerk, and he needs to be stopped.  But Lundgren, as phenomenal a cop as he is, just isn’t capable to doing such a job by himself.  Brian Benben is the straight-laced sidekick, there’s a nice woman who loves Dolph despite her best instincts to run in the other direction, and the two of them lend Dolph a much-needed helping hand.  A final confrontation is inevitable, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Once again, the whole clip is worth watching, but the immortal line of dialogue is uttered just after the 4:00 minute mark.  Enjoy!

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  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    Classic! Please post more stinkers! This is fantastic!

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