Batmobiles Headed To Comic-Con!

Two Batmobiles (‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman & Robin’) are loaded up and ready to head down to Comic-Con 2012.

Holy Bat Transports!   Southern California residents and visitors from around the globe traveling to this week’s Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego … NO!  your eyes are not deceiving you if you see trailers with Batmobiles on them heading down the freeway!

Today, the Batman Forever and Batman & Robin Batmobiles were spied being loaded up on a trailer at Warner Bros. Studios, soon to head out for San Diego and hundreds of thousands of awaiting Batman fans!

Just this year, both the Tumbler and Bat-Pod have been traveling across North America on the Tumbler Tour to ratchet up enthusiasm for the highly anticipated July 20th release of Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight Rises.  In addition, five Batmobiles were featured in a special documentary that will be included in the film’s home video release, and the quintet will be showcased this weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego.

For the first time ever, Warner Bros. Entertainment will present “Extra” at Comic-Con, a free outdoor entertainment festival in San Diego’s Bayfront Park during Comic-Con 2012.  Located just steps from the Convention Center, “Extra” at Comic-Con will be a live, multi-day entertainment experience where fans can see all six Batmobiles from television and film, play demos of the latest games inspired by The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and watch Q&As, live performances, screenings and talent interviews presented by the long-running hit TV entertainment magazine “Extra.”


Keep an eye out for Batmobiles traveling down the freeways in Southern California.


The Val Kilmer ‘Batman Forever’ Batmobile.


The George Clooney ‘Batman & Robin’ Batmobile.


Bat-tastic details on these amazing machines!

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  1. MrsSmith says:

    Cooooool. There are bats on the tire tread! Great pictures, how neat to see those riding down the freeway out there I imagine.

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