AJ LoCascio is Taking You To YESTERDAY TONIGHT!

Yesterday, Tonight

HEY 80’s & 90’s KIDS, Beyond the Marquee’s own field reporter AJ LoCascio just debuted his new pilot for a show called “Yesterday Tonight!”  If you’re not familiar with AJ, he’s one of BTM’s correspondents and a good friend.  He’s a multi-talented performer and all-around media guy who may best be known for providing an almost 100% accurate rendition of Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) voice for the wildly popular, Back to the Future video game.

“Yesterday Tonight!” is a show created by and for anyone who: • Has ever tried to get into a sewer to meet the Ninja Turtles • Grew up on “Animaniacs”, “TMNT”, “Full House”, “Doug”, “Ren & Stimpy”,  “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”, and all the amazing shows of the 80’s/90’s • Still wants to do the Toys R’ Us Super Toy run or be on Guts ! • Had a crush on Uncle Jesse, Topanga, or that mouse on “Rescue Rangers”. • Let your Tamagotchi poop itself to death. • Wants Hi-C Ecto-Cooler back !

Sound like you!?!?!  Well click ahead after the jump to check out the Pilot episode…



Here’s a bit more about it from AJ himself;

“Yesterday Tonight” was originally produced by and created for Spike TV, but after grinding the show through multitudes of old men scratching their heads and asking questions like “What the heck is Gak?” we decided to bring the show to the people who actually get it: YOU !  This pilot was a test to show off the kind of humor and ideas we want to touch on, but ultimately we aspire to make this show much bigger.  Including:   • Brutally honest & entertaining interviews from childhood icons such as: Keenan Thompson, Paul Reuben’s, John Stamos, Mark Hamil & many more.   • Shorts reminiscent of “The Chapelle Show”/”Mad TV”; satirizing the Icons, Entertainment, Events & Products of the 80’s/90’s   • Your participation !  Everything from featuring your fan recreations, projects and videos, to hosting live recreations of famous Game Shows like: “Legends of the Hidden Temple”, “Guts”, “Double Dare”, and of course: the Toys R’ Us Super Toy Run !

Here at BTM, we love to support the endeavors and side projects of all of our team, so please feel free to share this Pilot on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, Reddit, etc.  Spread the Word any way you can !  But most importantly:  Post a comment on the YouTube video letting AJ know you want to see more episodes of “Yesterday Tonight!”


Faecbook: facebook.com/WatchYesterdayTonight



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