The Best Hour and a Half on Television!


In this critic’s opinion, I must say that the end of the HBO’s series Entourage was very depressing.  All be it, the show’s last episode was it’s best, even if the men’s version of Sex In The City was cut way too short.







Of course with the end of one season, begins another, and if you want to watch the best 1.5 hrs of television, then stick with HBO’s newest masterpiece; Boardwalk Empire.  Rich in detail and filled with intrigue, the Martin Scorsese produced series definitely has his finger prints all over it.

The show slowly builds tension, then in one fail swoop cuts that tension, and some necks, with a razor sharp knife, to point of jaw dropping precision.


Completely on the other side of the coin, is the lighthearted, and devilishly clever, Bored to Death.

This Jonathan Ames created series, is smart, witty, and at times downright hysterical.  True to it’s  detective novel style, the show delivers great scenes, story lines and characters that bring it to life.

It’s super star line up of Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Schwartzman, are perfectly cast.  In fact, I’m having such a problem watching CSI promos on CBS, because of how different and detached Ted Danson’s role is from the character he plays on Bored to Death.

So yes, it was a sad day to see that entourage we all grew to know and love fly off into the sunset, but based on Mark Wahlberg’s recent comments that an Entourage movie is already in the script writing stages, I’m already squirming in anticipation.  In the meantime, HBO still continues to deliver the goods with Boardwalk Empire and Bored to Death. Be sure to check them out!

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