Check out a lost recording from Film/TV actress Majandra Delfino: A BTM EXCLUSIVE!

Majandra Delfino

Actress Majandra Delfino has had a busy career starring in numerous movies and TV shows, from “Unglued” , “Zeus and Roxanne“, ROSWELL and most recently ABC Family’s State of Georgia. She’s now slated to co-star with Rainn Wilson as Dwight’s sister in the Office spin-off “The Farm” about life on Shrute family’s beet farm. But did you know that in her youth Majandra had actively pursued a singing profession before the acting bug bit and she began her acting career in Hollywood? Neither did we until we received an email over the weekend from a “Rockin’ Rick” who claims to reside somewhere on the East Coast and works in Radio. Rick claims to have uncovered in the stations archives a possible previously unreleased recording of Majandra Delfino, singing along with Samantha Gibb (daughter of famous Bee Gee; Maurice Gibb). The song is called “Angel of Mercy” and we’ve attached the song below so click ahead and take a listen and let us know what you think. And thanks to Rick for sending us the scoop. If you have a tip, exclusive news or something entertainment related you’d like to share with BTM, drop us a line at our mailbox;


Here’s Rockin’ Ricks email:


Dear Beyond the Marquee,

I thought you may be interested in this kinda of thing. This is a recording made by Majandra Delfino who is the beautiful actress from the TV show Roswell and State of Georgia.

I work for a radio station here on the East Coast and recently while cleaning out some of our old demo inventory we’ve archived over the past couple decades, I ran across a demo CD of a song of Majandra. I don’t think this ever widely released, though it may have had some air-play locally. I seem to recall her coming into the station a couple times over the years when she was much younger, usually with some of the members of the Gibb family, I think she was best pals with one of their daughters. I’m sending you an MP3 of the song, oh and FYI, the CD has the following info written on it:

 – 1/24/97


– ANGEL OF MERCY: Samantha  Gibb & Majandra Delfino

– (Written by the Bee Gees)

It’s a pretty haunting and beautiful song as well. Just figured you guys may want to post it up for your readers to hear. I love your site, quite refreshing from some of the others out there, keep up the good work.

Rockin’ Rick



Before posting up we did a little research of our own and found out the following info on the track which seems to verify Rockin’ Ricks story…

ANGEL OF MERCY: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb (1995)

Samantha Gibb — vocal / Majandra Delfino — vocal (‘Angel of Mercy’, ‘Here, There and Everywhere’)

Maurice Gibb — synthesizer, keyboard, programming /Engineer: John Merchant /Producer: Maurice Gibb

December 1995, Panther House, Miami Beach


Appears also that “Nymph” was the name that the duo of Samantha and Majandra had named themselves as they continued to write music together (after leaving a group together called the China Dolls). Some parents thought the similarities to the name “Nympho” were too close sounding. The girls had some minor success, even opening for a benefit concert for the Bee Gees.

What do you think of the track? Leave your comments in the box below…



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