THE SOUND AND THE FURY Limited Edition Blu-ray Released!

Now Available on Blu-Ray!

“I just happen to be an eccentric.”

Yul Brynner will be forever linked to three iconic roles. The King in The King & I, The Gunfighter in West World and Chris Larabee Adams in the Magnificent Seven. But, Twilight Time has uncovered a rare gem that showcases Brynner’s talents as an inimitable screen presence actor and continues to solidify him as a Hollywood Icon.

Directed by Martin Ritt (Hud, Hombre), the film is based on William Faulkner’s masterful tale of a southern aristocracy crumbling away. Brynner plays Jason, a brutish, cynical man who is determination to save the family from financial ruin. Supporting Brynner is Joanne Woodward as the young Quentin, a headstrong and rebellious teenager.

The film itself plays out all the stereotypical southern scenarios. There are lots of skeletons in the closet from drinking, anger, passion, secrets, and incestuous overtones.  Not as strong as some of the more famous Tennessee Williams adaptations, it is nevertheless a fun treat filled with melodrama. The tension between Brynner and Woodward works well, even though Woodward is considerably older than her teen character.

The disc features an isolated track of Alex North’s sweeping score.

As with all of Twilight Time’s Blu-Ray releases, the high-def transfer is top notch capturing the 50s-style clear-as-crystal cinematography. The Blu-ray is limited to 3,000 copies.

“Any man will make you feel like a woman!”


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