A Cabin Right Up My Woods! (Blu-ray Review)

Cabin in the Woods Blu-ray

If only they had listened to my pleas for company. I should have sucked it up and gone by myself in my hoodie like I did when I saw District 9. It would have been well worth the humiliation of flying solo in the darkened theater. For starters, There is an evil mission control of sorts under this cabin and it’s chock full of some bad karma down the road.  Soulless ones play and bet on the unsuspecting teens fate. The idea of the chambers of monsters and other unearthly delights was very refreshing I just hope that glass is really thick. If they survive, the clean up crew is gonna be pissed. I heard someone call Cabin In The Woods the greatest installment of Hollywood Squares and I chuckled.




It reminded me of Thirteen Ghosts in the sense that when a unwillingly player in the game got to see a snippet of their probable fate it would really suck to be them.  A creative storyline,a creature fest, great kills, and a very messy downstairs made this a peach of a movie for us gore hounds. Some of the CGI was questionable but there was so much mayhem and awesome that it really didn’t matter. The special effects were done by AFX Studio, make up by David Leroy Anderson. Loved all the creatures! Much experience in that group.


Marty (Fran Kranz, left), Curt (Chris Hemsworth, center) and Jules (Anna Hutchison) in THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Photo credit: Diyah Pera


Many Thanks go out to Titan Books for the ever so delightful  The Cabin In The Woods: The Official Visual Companion.  It offers fans a still shot of the white board in the control room which gives us the roster of all the monsters which the employes’s can bet on. Here is the entire zany lot: Werewolf, Alien Beast, Mutants, Wraiths, (Scottish word for ghost or spirit) Zombies, Reptilius, CLOWNS, (my sisters dark passenger) Witches, both sexy and ugly ones. Demons, Hell Lord, (Better known as Fornicus, the lord of Bondage and Pain) Angry Molesting Tree, Giant Snake, Deadites (Army Of Darkness) Kevin, Mummy, The Bride, The Scarecrow Folk, Snowman, Dragon Bat, Vampires, Dismemberment Goblins (how can you not love that one…) Sugarplum Fairy, The Infamous Merman, The Reanimated, Unicorn, Huron, Sasquatch, Dolls, The Doctors, The Redneck Torture Family, Jack O’Lantern, Giant and Twins.Whew… Imagine if they were all on one football team I would be wearing my jersey screaming like a hick eating Ketchup flavored potato chips and wiping my hands on my sweats.


Do not borrow his weed eater…


In this featured clip from The Cabin In The Woods is one of my favorite sections of the film, under the cabin and I won’t say when or where.  Listen to the sound effect when an undetermined chunk drops to the floor it is a perfect wet thud. That alone was perfection.



If you haven’t seen this flick check it out if you are ready for a bucket full of crazy. Enjoy the show!

Cabin in the Woods, now availbale on Blu-ray/DVD, written By Josh Whedon, Drew Goddard and Directed by Drew Goddard


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