FAMILY GUY Volume Ten – (DVD Review)

Now available on DVD!

America’s favorite animated family is back, no not the Simpsons, I’m talkin’ the Griffin family! That’s right, Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian, Stewie…oh, and Meg, all return for Volume Ten of the hit FOX show, Family Guy now available on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment!

In this latest three disc DVD offering that includes the remaining 14 episodes of Season 9, the family continues to delight and offend people everywhere. Does it offend me? Not at all, I can’t get enough of this show’s politically incorrectness, and it’s always a breath of fresh air and really, truly funny stuff. The best part of watching the Family Guy on DVD, is that nothing is censored. I mean, you hear every single four letter word; and what’s even better is that there are episodes that are extended and never seen on tv before! I say, “giggity giggity” to that!


Lois has the Eye of the Tiger in Baby, You Knock Me Out!


I’m also a child of the 1980’s and creator Seth Macfarlane never disappoints his audience with countless pop culture references, like in the episode titled, Baby, You Knock Me Out, Lois turns into a boxer, ala Rocky III, and goes glove to glove with a female Mr. T! S#%* like this always puts a smile on my face, and that’s why Family Guy is my favorite show on television!


The Griffin family sits down to enjoy the Family Guy Volume Ten DVD set


Even though I’ve been spoiled by the power and clarity of Blu-ray, this 3 disc DVD set, featuring 14 episodes, really impressed me and looks absolutely beautiful. The animated images are razor sharp and the colors are deep and rich. The sound is no laughing matter, either. Presented in Dolby Digital 5.1, every music cue and sound effect is heard with nice stereo separation that really compliments the crisp image.


Here are the episodes that you’ll find in this three-disc collection:


Disc 1


Disc 2


Disc 3


As always, Fox gives us fans a wealth of special bonus features, including audio commentaries from the writers, directors, producers and cast members on select episodes, deleted scenes, making-of docs, scene animatics, and my personal favorite…Adam West’s Star Ceremony!


Adam West ditches the Batmobile for a bike ride with Peter


Soooo…If you are a fan of Family Guy, then I’m surprised you got this far into my review…you should already be watching your pre-ordered copy!


 Family Guy Volume Ten is now available wherever kick-ass videos are sold!



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