Beyond the Marquee: The Web Series (Episode 30) ANNIE 30th Annie’versary Interview (pt.3)

In this exclusive third and final installment of our 3-part interview with actress Aileen Quinn (who 30 years ago portrayed “Annie” in the hit movie-musical), Beyond the Marquee host, Erin Cottrell, asks Aileen questions polled from our BTM readers and Annie fans.  Did you want to know Aileen’s favorite song from the movie?  What props or costumes she may have kept from the film?  How they pulled off that amazing final scene atop of the vertical bridge?  Aileen answers all of those questions and more!  Be sure to check out the 30th anniversary Annie Blu-ray, now available!

If you missed either of the first two installments of our 3-part interview with Aileen Quinn, you can view them here: PART ONE and PART TWO


Check out some fun behind the scenes images Then and Now of the cast and crew of Annie…


Aileen signs autographs for fans at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank, CA

First Lady Nancy Reagan and Aileen Quinn (with Sandy)

Aileen Quinn holds up an Annie doll modeled after her likeness

Aileen Quinn (as Dorothy) and a fellow cast member after a stage production of Wizard of Oz

Behind the scenes at Wilson Hall at Monmouth University as Aileen Quinn rehearses a dance sequence on the steps during the filming of a scene in Daddy Warbucks Mansion

Aileen Quinn and Beyond the Marquee host Erin Cottrell

Toni Ann Gisondi (aka Molly), THEN and NOW

The letter from Toni Ann to Aileen presented by Erin Cottrell during part 3 of our interview



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