GLEE Season 3 Update with Actor Josh Sussman

After a month-long break leading up to sweeps, Glee is back! New Directions is well on their way to regionals, and two political races are heating up: Sue for Congress and Kurt, Brittany, and Rachel for class president. Viewers can’t wait to see what other twists will be sent their way this season. But is Glee just as hot as ever, or is its allure fading fast?

Opening its third season with blogger-nerd Jacob interviewing members of New Directions, a lot has changed at McKinley High School since last May. It’s senior year for many students, so the question of the season will always be who’s staying and who’s going? College will be an ongoing concern for all characters. And of course we can’t forget about Will and Emma’s impending engagement. But enough about their emotions… what about the music?!

We’ve got a SPOILER ALERT straight from Josh Sussman, (a.k.a. Jacob Ben Israel) during a recent exclusive interview with Beyond the Marquee.

There will be plenty of singing and dancing when Glee comes back next week.  Expect lots of flare, guest stars, and cliffhangers throughout November, as well as some political pressure from Congresswoman Sue Sylvester (go register to vote!). If Sue does make her way up the political ladder, let’s hope for some singin’ and dancin’ in the White House (we can dream, can’t we?).

All eyes are on Glee. With the addition of several new writers, the team behind Fox’s smash-hit is definitely planning something big. And the Beyond the Marquee team can’t wait to tune in to find out. Glee returns Tuesday, November 1st at 8:00.

(article by Mike Roma, interview by Allison Tate-Cortese)

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