The Historic Hollywood Grauman’s Chinese Theatre changes it’s name!!?!?

Graumans’ Chinese Theater gets a new name!

Big news out of Hollywood, and literally right on Hollywood Blvd itself! Grauman’s Chinese Theatre ( is teaming with one of China’s biggest electronics manufacturers, TCL, aka “THE CREATIVE LIFE,” in a 10-year, multi-million dollar partnership that will include naming rights to the most famous movie palace in the world, it was announced today at an event emceed by SyFy Network FACE OFF star McKenzie Westmore, as the executives of both companies hosted a bi-lingual press and VIP  launch in the forecourt of the Chinese Theatre, which will be renamed the TCL Chinese Theatre.  “This is a monumental day in our history,” said Elie Samaha (Co-Chairman) and Donald Kushner (CEO & Co-Chairman) of The Chinese Theatres. “The milestone relationship between TCL and the Chinese Theatre will allow us to do many of the upgrades and preservation projects we earmarked from day one of ownership.” In accordance with the long held wishes of the owners of The Chinese Theatre, the new decade-long partnership will provide funding and resources for many new improvements to the property.  Read ahead to find out what kind of upgrades and changes await the historic cinema house which since the 1920’s have been host to countless movie premieres and celebrity hand-print ceremonies. 


 (Note: Beyond the Marquee has been granted special permission from our friends at the Chinese Theatre to post this video of mixed media from today’s event, along with some highlights from tinsel-town’s greatest moments at the Chinese Theatre! Enjoy!)

Among the long awaited enhancements, to elevate the Chinese Theatre’s visitor appreciation, are a new box office marquee along Hollywood Boulevard, preservation of the “blade signs” on the façade of the building as an homage to Sid Grauman, first-ever landscaping, outdoor lighting and significant exterior painting. The TCL Chinese Theatre team also plan new stadium theatre seating, new screen, main lobby refurbishments and key technology upgrades, including enhancements to both the audio and video presentation, all of which will bring the cherished venue back to the glory days, when showman-founder Sid Grauman first opened the theater, and give the storied movie palace a new lease on life and allow theatre-goers a much improved, truly world-class movie going experience. A number of TCL-sponsored community events will be planned to open the venue up to the widest possible audience and community participation.

“What wonderful memories I have of Grauman’s.  My grandfather Cecil B. De Mille debuted his first film there and others that followed.  His handprints and ‘bootprints’ are even there in cement, so the family has a long and proud connection to this beloved Hollywood icon that remains a timely force in the film industry,” said Cecilia De Mille Presley. Joining Samaha and Kushner at the announcement ceremony was Mr. Li Dongsheng. Through an interpreter, Mr. Li (pronounced Lee), TCL Chairman, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, as TCL ventures into the U.S. market on a much bigger scale. “We are proud to be associated with THE American icon of the movies,” he said.

“As TCL expands its role in the home entertainment landscape of America, what better way to get started than to associate with a beacon of entertainment that everyone knows, loves and holds dear and familiar.”

Historian Hillsman Wright was on hand with a welcome mat: “I am here on behalf of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sustaining historic theatres, to offer our support for the improvements outlined today and to express our appreciation to the management of Chinese Theatres and to TCL for their visionary leadership in taking the Chinese to a new level of excellence.”

Peyton Hall, a senior executive with Hollywood’s Historic Resources Group, commented:  “Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is one of our city’s most important cultural properties, and one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Los Angeles from all over the world. Having worked on a substantial restoration of the building that was completed in 2001, we are gratified by the important new support for the site. The proposed improvements at the Chinese protect the history of the place as a building while updating Sid Grauman’s original purpose: promoting and screening for everyone the best that the American movie industry has to offer.”


Graumans’ Chinese Theater gets a new name!


Los Angeles based Sports and Entertainment Sales Firm, Premier Partnerships, secured TCL and brokered the Naming Rights on behalf of Chinese Theatres, LLC.

In addition, The TCL Chinese Theatre will become the focus of an on going, national and international TCL-sponsored promotional campaign for both the venue and Hollywood, as a vacation destination.

As TCL ramps up its U.S. launch and product expansion, so, too, will the area’s tourism benefit from a travel campaign on product in store and media marketing springboard for the TCL Chinese Theatre and its tourist-friendly environs, annually worth hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars in media impressions.

Founded in 1981, TCL is one of the largest consumer electronics enterprises in China with a fast-growing global presence, ranked worldwide as the #4 maker of LCD and LED televisions.

In 1999, TCL began forging its path into the globalized market after years of promoting its brands in the emerging markets and partnering with well-established brands in the European and U.S. markets.

The legendary Chinese Theatre, which turned 85 last year, is the most visited attraction in Hollywood, drawing over four million annual visitors, more than the Sistine Chapel at The Vatican.

In any given year, TCL Chinese Theatre hosts over 40 red carpet film premieres and, since it opened, it has hosted three Academy Award® ceremonies.

The Chinese Theatre handprints-footprints ceremony is rich in tradition and more recent handprint-footprint celebrants have included The “Twilight” stars, Chris Nolan, Mickey O’Rourke, Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Robert Duvall, Peter O’Toole, Helen Mirren and Michael Jackson.

TCL Chinese Theater NEW LOGO

A word about the NEW logo:  Immortalized in The Chinese Theatre’s cement are cinema’s most iconic celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, John Wayne, Clark Gable, the Twilight stars, and many more. The hand and footprint ceremony is the longest running and the most exclusive ceremony in the entertainment industry. Every day thousands of visitors from around the world come to our forecourt to put their palms in the imprints of movie legends, symbolic proof that those lucky enough to have their hands cast in cement are just like us.  The new TCL logo incorporates the hands of many nations, as we annually host visitors from over 50 countries, and the celebrity hands, as well as the palette and personality of the TCL, The Creative Life, brand, and its trademark rainbow of colors.

For us all, the world and its future are in the palm of your hand!



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2 Responses to “The Historic Hollywood Grauman’s Chinese Theatre changes it’s name!!?!?”

  1. Jonathan Voytko says:

    It doesn’t sound like much of an obvious change outside of the legal corporate name. It’s still the Chinese Theater which is what most people refer to it as, skipping the “Grauman’s” portion. Looks like the structure will continue to be preserved. Call it what you like, unless a huge TCL marquee is placed in front of the facade, which I don’t see mentioned I don’t think it will be cause for anyone to forget the history of the theater. Call it what you like. Call it Grauman’s if you like or don’t. The only thing that concerned me was the mention of stadium seating. I do hope it doesn’t damage the ambiance of the theater’s interior.

  2. Woody McBreairty says:

    I think it’s tragic that Grauman’s Chinese Theatre should be named anything but Grauman’s. He built it, he gave it life and he made it a legend. LLC does not invoke the magic & glamour of Hollywood like Sid Gruman’s does. It’s like selling naming rights for the Hollywood Bowl, the Hollywood sign or Hollywood & Vine. It takes away from Hollywood’s historic image of immortal legends, both architectural & human.

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