Drew Struzan, the Artist Behind Your Favorite Movie Posters, Now is Finally on One Himself!!!

DREW-Behind the Poster

Check out the new poster for DREW-Behind the Poster, a personal look at the most important illustrator in 100 years. Of course we are talking ahout none other than poster artist Drew Struzan whose immeasurable amount of work has influenced motion picture marketing for decades. “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “E.T.”, “Harry Potter”, “Back to the Future”, I mean where do we start, where do we end? Well soon the long awaited documentary from TORINO Pictures about the man, myth and legend will make its debut and we couldn’t be more excited. Featuring interviews with some of the most famous filmmakers and stars in Hollywood history who he’s collaborated with, this will be one not to miss. And now we’ve got an early look at the one-sheet poster for the film created by XL Brand Laboratories and photographed by Frank W.Ockenfels 3. Let us know what you think of this poster in the comments below and check back here to Beyond the Marquee as we are working on an Exclusive interview with Drew hopefully in the weeks to come.


DREW-Behind the Poster



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12 Responses to “Drew Struzan, the Artist Behind Your Favorite Movie Posters, Now is Finally on One Himself!!!”

  1. Jamie says:

    Terrible poster, but looking forward to the movie anyhow.

  2. David Darrow says:

    There’s not only the irony of the poster not being hand-done, the photo represents what’s broken about today’s designers as well, with the fake depth of field focus thing. Horrible from a photographer’s standpoint, and disappointing from an illustrator’s standpoint. I hope they have not printed any of these. Still time to change.

    Huge fan, and I will still see the movie. Drew is an amazing, generous man.

  3. great tribute to a master. but it is sad not to see art in this poster

  4. A little ironic that being a movie of Drew Struzan, the best poster, using a photograph. Although he had not made ​​the poster, should have been something more traditional.
    Still, very nice picture.

  5. Matt Oz says:

    No offense, but WHY on Earth didn’t they get someone, if not Drew himself, to actually PAINT a poster for this film??? Seriously, with illustrated movie posters in a major decline, and with Drew himself being such an outspoken advocate for them, and making it quite clear that one of the reasons for his retirement was that posters where becoming, essentially, nothing more than photos of various head shots, I find it almost comical that a movie about Drew would feature on it’s poster exactly what Drew seems to loath. Again, there is nothing but question marks above my head??? I will STILL be looking forward to this film, though.

  6. ZeroMarkThirty says:

    Will he be involved with the posters for the new Star Wars movies at all?

  7. […] side-project and invites some old pals to come shoot the breeze and play catch-up. With the upcoming documentary coming out soon about his life and work, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down and […]

  8. Ray Juicewater says:

    @what: Drew has painted himself several times. Look up his work! They could have put some of his art BEHIND him, this way it would catch the attention of people who may not know who he is?! Keep in mind, photoshop is what killed painted poster art.

  9. what says:

    That is a smart poster. Drew can’t paint it, that would be self aggrandizing. Not his personality.
    Nice photo, very simple and well designed. It is about the artist not his artwork.

  10. Scott says:

    I was kind of hoping it would have been painted but it’s Drew’s son’s company that created this.

  11. Michael says:

    Agree, total fail a photoshop/photo poster for THE Master of Painted posters.

  12. Ray Juicewater says:

    This poster should be PAINTED. Not photoshop. Can’t wait to see this, though!

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