BTM Followers, we want to know, “What would you ask legendary poster artist Drew Struzan?”

What would you ask Drew?

This Monday, Beyond the Marquee’s own Jon Donahue will be sitting down with our good friend Drew Struzan, the illustrator¬†whose immeasurable amount of work has influenced motion picture marketing for decades. “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “E.T.”, “Harry Potter”, “Back to the Future”, are just some of the hundreds of iconic and unforgettable movie posters that Drew has created in his lifetime. Since his retirement Drew has stayed out of the spotlight and interviews are now a rarity, but every once in awhile he keeps the ole’ blade sharp and returns to work on a creative side-project and invites some old pals to come shoot the breeze and play catch-up. With the upcoming documentary coming out soon about his life and work, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Drew and get some behind the scenes details on the new film. Because we value our readers and viewers, we want to offer you all a chance to piggyback on our time with Drew Struzan and get in a few questions in of your own. Do you have an inquiry about one of his classic paintings? Curiosity on what life after retirement is like? Perhaps a request to share a memory of his favorite filmmaker or favorite poster creation? Drop us a line in the comments below and submit your question and we’ll try our best to incorporate it into the handful we have lined up ourselves.¬†


Drew at work in his backyard studio…


Take a look at some of the amazing poster art of Drew Struzan…


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Back to the Future

Star Wars – Return of the Jedi (1983) Special Edition


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone



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6 Responses to “BTM Followers, we want to know, “What would you ask legendary poster artist Drew Struzan?””

  1. Hopko says:

    Hi Jon.

    Please ask Drew what posters he wish he had done, and what artists inspire him.



  2. Holly Le Roy says:

    I missed purchasing the Mondo Frankenstein poster, by this much. It made me sick. Any new Mondos coming along.

  3. Rob Wainfur says:

    With Star Wars VII on the horizon and other big movie franchises who does Drew think would be his most worthy successor?
    Also where does he see the movie poster industry going? Are we likely to see every poster with the main actor/actress looking straight at us with a look of concern with a photoshopped background or will we see a return to the glory days of movie posters where art and being creative was king?

  4. Looper x2 says:

    Why such a sterile poster for the documentary about him?

  5. ZeroMarkThirty says:

    Will he be at Comic Con signing again this year?

  6. mpx1313 says:

    is he gonna do the new star wars posters now that there are new movies being made?

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