Beyond the Marquee: the Web Series (Ep.42) – (Pt.1) Drew Struzan Exclusive Interview

One of the most popular movie poster artists of the 20th Century is, hands down, none other than Drew Struzan. For nearly 40 years, he has created some of the most iconic and memorable one-sheets for some of Hollywood’s biggest and highest grossing movies. Attention to detail resulting in amazing art has put Drew’s name at the top of the list for many filmmakers and friends who repeatedly commission him to create posters for their projects … Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Guillermo Del Toro are just a few of the people that have relied on Drew Struzan’s talent throughout the years.

With franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, The Muppets and Harry Potter on his resume, Drew Struzan’s works have evolved the modern movie poster into true art that can be cherished and hung in homes, rather than just existing as marketing material created for movie theaters. With a new documentary about his illustrated career coming out soon, Drew recently invited long-time friends, (and Beyond the Marquee founders) Steve Czarnecki and Jon Donahue, over to his studio to chat about his career and much more.

In Part One of our Two Part Exclusive interview with Drew Struzan, we hear from Drew himself about his life after retirement, new side projects he’s undertaking, his thoughts on the new documentary … and if he officially clears up rumors about his involvement with the new Star Wars movie!


Drew Struzan – A Self Portrait


Check out some of Drew’s work on his official site: 


Click here to see Drew’s impressive online portfolio of illustrated works.


How does Drew create such awesome art?  Now available for sale, a fascinating 98 minute instructional DVD where Drew reveals his techniques as he creates the Hellboy Movie Poster right before your eyes!  Check it out over at


Learn the secrets behind the making of the Hellboy Movie Poster Art from Drew Struzan himself.


What has got Beyond the Marquee hosts Jon Donahue, Steve Czarnecki and Artist Drew Struzan laughing? Find out in the web-series interview! Also, be sure to follow @JonDonahue and @BeyondMarquee on Twitter!

(L to R) Jon Donahue, Steve Czarnecki and Drew Struzan


Add Drew Struzans’s books of his illustrated works to your home library today!  Click on any image to find these titles on

The Movie Posters of Drew Struzan




The Art of Drew Struzan





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  5. Kevin E. says:

    Great interview and I have Drew’s Hellboy DVD shot right in his studio where this
    interview was recorded. It’s a personal art lesson – rich with all of his unique
    techniques. I’ve learned so much from him. Glad you asked Drew about Star Wars
    and his documentary. Can’t wait until that comes out.

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  7. Paul Shipper says:

    Great interview Jon! Look forward to episode 2!

  8. Ray Juicewater says:

    Awesome interview! John Delia could learn a thing or two from this!

  9. Scott Hopko says:

    Great interview Jon!

    How luck you are to have sat down with the master.

    Scott Hopko

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