Take an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Lindalee’s New DOCTOR WHO REVIEW Set…

Lindalee is back with 8 more new episodes of Doctor Who Reviews starting this week. Now, get an Exclusive behind-the-scenes tour from Lindalee Rose herself of her recently constructed new set for her popular recap and review web-series. Join our resident Whovian as she takes you on a personal walk-thru of the Studio 23 soundstage, sharing with her fans all of her favorite Doctor Who toys, collectibles, posters, DVD’s, and even a look inside her custom built TARDIS.  Click ahead for close up pics of the various areas of the set…


Lindalee Rose on the set of her new Doctor Who Review Web-Series

Lindalee Rose on the set of her new Doctor Who Review Web-Series


Lindalee’s bookshelf is full of fun stuff for both work and play;

Shelf 1: Interview microphone for remote reports, her bamboo plant and extra sonic screwdrivers

Shelf 2: Assorted Doctor Who action figures

Shelf 3: Doctor Who Home Videos

Shelf 4: Various Doctor Who magazines, newspapers and assorted print media references

Lindalee’s Set. THE BOOKSHELF


Lindalee’s TARDIS was built by the creative team at Midnight Oil Creative in Burbank, CA, known for their unique visual marketing campaigns and professional in-theater standees. Their imaginative staff volunteered their time and resources to make a custom-made, kid sized time-machine for Lindalee’s reviews.


Lindalee’s Set. THE TARDIS


An assortment of Doctor Who posters adorn the walls, you may notice it being a little Dalek heavy, but they are Lindalee’s favorite Doctor Who show villains…


Lindalee’s Set. POSTERS


Just in case people forget what set they are on, the pleasantly over-sized show logo is present, as well as more assorted pictures, posters and art…and her life-size Dalek photobombs when he can.


Lindalee’s Set. POSTERS


With almost 10 Sonic-Screwdrivers in her collection, the wall rack holds 5 from her collection at any given time…what’s your favorite?




The corkboard is full of all kinds of assorted Doctor Who fun. Items that can be found on it include; Lindalee’s DW blue hair-bow, her 2013 Gallifrey One Press Badge, assorted buttons and keychains given to her from the Doctor Who Experience staff, an early drawing she did of the TARDIS, a replica of the Masters pocket-watch and a conceptual sketch of Lindalee’s Doctor Who Review set created by Lindalee and her dad during the 2011 Christmas holiday.


Lindalee’s Set. THE CORKBOARD


Lindalee applies tacky glue to the back of her glow-in-the-dark Glitter Stars in which she hung up on the set with her sister…


Lindalee’s Set. SEEING STARS


If you’d like to drop Lindalee an email, ask her a question or send her drawings that she can print out and hang on the set on a future episode, drop her a line at; Lindalee@BeyondTheMarquee.com

“See WHO Next Time…” -Lindalee Rose



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