For a Laugh – Patton Oswalt’s STAR WARS Filibuster from “Parks and Recreation”

Every once in awhile, Beyond the Marquee comes across some great YouTube videos that we can’t avoid sharing with our readers even though we know just about every other media site or social network out there has already picked up on the link.  The YouTube vid we’re recommending today was posted by NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” on Wednesday, April 17th to advertise Patton Oswalt’s upcoming appearance on the show.

Asked by the producers of “Parks and Rec” to just ad-lib as long as possible for the filibuster scene, Oswalt went on to create an 8-minute improvised Star Wars filibuster that you have to see to believe.  Fans of Patton Oswalt know that he is very much a fan of sci-fi movies, TV and comic books of every sort and has made no secret about it.  His three-franchise universe tie-in discussion during this entirely improvised filibuster is not only funny, but raises a lot of possible, although highly unlikely, ideas about what to expect in the new Disney-produced Star Wars films starting in 2015.  Enjoy!

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