Listen to In-Studio Guest Daniel Roebuck from this Weekend’s “The Wrap Party”

The Wrap Party with special in-studio guest Daniel Roebuck

The Wrap Party crew with special in-studio guest Daniel Roebuck

This past Saturday, Television and Movie Actor Daniel Roebuck, joined host Jon Donahue and his Wrap Party friends; Robert (“HOLES”) Armour, Peter Miller & Stephanie Butora, for another hilarious hour at Skidrow Studios! Listen in as they discuss Dan’s career in such projects as “The Fugitive”, “LOST”, “The Walking Dead”, “John Dies At The End”, “Matlock”, “The Love Boat” and more! Learn the secrets behind Dan’s Downtown feces statue, and enjoy the stories of the Roebuck birth, following Dennis Hopper into the Men’s Room, Jay Leno’s Love Child, prosthetic chins, Speak-N-Spell, Harrison Ford gives Stephanie mouth-to- mouth, Don Coscarelli, Rob Zombie, Alfred Hitchcock the Ice Skater, Peter the Mime in a Box, Tommy Lee Jones’ comedic sidekick, “Cavegirl”, Isaac the Bartender, Jack-In-the-Box tacos, Hugh Grant blows Jon’s mind, Rod Serling’s carousel and so much more!…PLUS, you won’t want to miss Robert as he reprises his role as bully ‘Derek Dunne’ from “HOLES” with Dan Roebuck as ‘Stanley Yelnats’! Good times! So, go grab yourself a Fresca from the fridge, sit back and enjoy THE WRAP PARTY, sponsored by Beyond the Marquee!


Dan Roebuck in-studio for The Wrap Party

Dan Roebuck in-studio for The Wrap Party


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