Shanghai Noon/Knights Deliver a Double Punch of Fun on Blu-ray/DVD

Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights NOW on Home Video

Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights NOW on Home Video

You’ve waited long enough and now you’ve been rewarded. Today head to Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target or wherever you buy your home videos and pick up the double feature Blu-ray/DVD combo pack for Shanghai Noon/Knights. This is the first time that the films are being offered on Blu-ray and with new digital restoration with enhanced picture and sound, you can bet that Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson never looked better in these two wildly hilarious comedies. If you like bonus features and deleted scenes, schedule a chunk of time because this combo pack is crammed to the edges with great content! Click ahead for our review and also for details on where you can pick it up to own!




Official Blu-ray/DVD Combo Synopsis: East meets West in two wildly hilarious comedies starring legendary action star Jackie Chan and funnyman Owen Wilson. Experience Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights for the first time on Blu-ray, featuring new digital restoration with enhanced picture and sound.


Shanghai Noon: Chinese Imperial Guard Chon Wang is in for a real kick when he travels to the rough and tumble Old West to rescue the beautiful kidnapped princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu). Teamed with laid-back cowboy outlaw Roy O’Bannon, the two mismatched partners face jail, brawls and the vilest villains this side of the Great Wall. I love over the top acting of Jackie Chan and who can’t appreciate the mellow but comedic delivery of Owen Wilson? Put them together and you’ve got a Ying and Yang that work perfectly in Shanghai Noon. I really enjoyed Chan in the Rush Hour movies and to see him in a period piece of the old west was a real treat, and next to being a cowboy in a museum display in Night at the Museum, Wilson makes a great wild west co-hort.


    • Audio Commentary — Director Tom Dey along with Owen and Jackie provide some fun insights to the film. Learn about the challenges of this movie from the guys who made it!
    • Featurettes  — There’s closer to a 1/2 hour of great little bonus features on this disc. From interviews with cast & crew, spotlights into Jackies stunts, behind the scenes footage, a cut scene from the film, montages and more! They keep it short but pack in a lot in each of the segments
    • Music Video — Uncle Kracker’s song “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.”
    • Deleted Scenes  — 8 different deleted scenes of some hillarious moments tht never made it to the final cut.
    • Trailers – Who doesnt like to be reminded of the movie marketing that got us to see these movies in the first place?


Shanghai Knights: Jump in the saddle for the wild and wooly sequel as the two unlikely heroes make their way to London on a daring quest for honor and revenge. These two uproarious comic adventures are even better on Blu-ray! The adventure continues but now a shift from the old west, to the foggy streets of London to try and stop a plan which includes murder and political takover of the English Empire! This is much lighter in tone, but still delivers the same action, comedy and charm of the first film.Shanghai Noon

Fun Trivia Note: Take a look at Jackie Chan’s face on the movie’s one sheet for the 2 films. It’s the same face! Yes, when the Creative Print team at Disney went to do the photoshoot for Shanghai Knights, Jackie was very sick and wasn’t able to attend,  so as a placeholder the face from the first film was dropped in (and flipped).Before a re-shoot with Chan was re-scheduled, the studio already signed off on the look of the poster and the image stayed as is.


The faces of Jackie Chan

The faces of Jackie Chan


    • Audio Commentaries — Sadly no Owen and Jackie on this one but you do get a choice of one commentary track with the Director, David Dobkin or a choice of a track with a lighter take on the film by the Writers; Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.
    • Fight Manual — If you ever wondered what went into the risky stunts and fight blocking of these films then check out this segment presented by the Director and Jackie Chan that take you behind the scenes of the film.
    • Action Overload  — A tribute montage to the action films of the good ole black and white silent era, a fun nostalgic throw back
    • Deleted Scenes – Like the first film, a handful of funny scenes that made the cutting room floor, defintiely worth the look


Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights NOW on Home Video

Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights NOW on Home Video


Final Thoughts: Though both films look cleaner and crisper than ever before, some period film graniness is evident, but nothing that detours from the fun. Audio wise, both movies deliver strong audio separation in the fight scenes and environments and is impressively sharp in both. Quite an enjoyable treat all in one package. A must have for the true Shanghai fan!




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    Great review,thanks, I’m heading out now to Best Buy anyway, I’ll pick this up too.

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