JACK REACHER Explodes onto Blu-ray! (Review)

Now Available on Blu-ray from Paramount!

Now Available on Blu-ray from Paramount!

Tom Cruise, no matter how good or mediocre the film is, always delivers, and Jack Reacher, now available on Blu-ray and DVD from Paramount Home Video, is no exception!

I saw this flick in theatres when it opened earlier this year and was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. The story, cinematography, direction, all of Jack Reacher’s adventure reminded me of a good 1980’s action thriller…which I love and ate up like candy…now lets see how well it did on Blu-ray!





Now Available on Blu-ray from Paramount!

Now Available on Blu-ray from Paramount!


Adapted from a novel in Lee Child’s best-selling crime series, the film sees Cruise in the title role as an ex-military policeman turned vigilante drifter who is called in to investigate after an expert sniper takes the lives of five random victims. When the authorities pull in former army sniper, James Barr (Joseph Sikora), they are certain they have the perpetrator, but Barr believes he’s been set up and asks that Jack Reacher (Cruise) be assigned to the case. At first, Reacher is weary of Barr but after some thorough investigation he is led to believe there is an unseen force pulling the strings of the investigation and he’s determined to get to the truth.

PICTURE: The Blu-ray Video presentation left me breathless as the picture was razor sharp and the colors and skin tone all seemed natural and even.

AUDIO: The real star here is the awesome DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 lossless soundtrack..truly one of the best, amazing and ear opening audio experiences I have ever experienced from my home theatre equipment…truly worth the price of the disc alone!

SPECIAL FEATURES: With a slew of mouth watering Special Features, eye popping audio and video, and intense action and fun, don’t hesitate to reach out and grab a copy of Jack Reacher on Blu-ray from Paramount Home Video TODAY!



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