Mermaid bodies by Joel Harlow for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (photo Michael Spatola)

Mermaid bodies by Joel Harlow for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (photo Michael Spatola)

Mermaid bodies by Joel Harlow for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (photo Michael Spatola)

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86 Responses to “Mermaid bodies by Joel Harlow for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (photo Michael Spatola)”

  1. Sagan says:

    Blown AWAY by the amount of complete and utter FTARDS coming onto a page that is CLEARLY MARKED AS Joel Harlow’s artwork and saying, iddunnnoooo bro this is like totally real, my friend like new a guy who like new a guy who tottelly saw a mermade man….

    …..#$@&ing SERIOUSLY, FOLKS? It’s artwork. awesome artwork… but artwork, nonetheless. Jesus.

  2. Gregory says:

    Amazing! Its actually amazing post, I have got much clear idea regarding from this piece
    of writing.

  3. Nermoo says:

    Can you all learn to search up the facts? This is FAKE. READ the description or title. If that’s not enough, here is a video of Joel Harlow actually MAKING a sculpture similar to what is shown.

  4. sevda says:

    this is very real!!!

  5. inno says:

    i dnt knw abt this my hubby is from a country where by there is a river known as mermaid river.He said u can only see them on the sun when coming form far,bt when u r close the go inside the water….mermaids are real guys,whether we like it or not

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  8. […] Mermaid bodies by Joel Harlow for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (photo Michael Spatola) […]

  9. Gabby says:

    These are fucking props people. Get over it. Yes, the Navy and whatever are “hiding secret” mermaid tales, but they already had a submarine captain release that video of a merman or mer-human touching the front glass of the little submarine and swam away… for all us americans know, it all can be secrets, or it can all be lies. Either way, they wont tell us, and the man who made these mermaids in above photo are fake for the movie. Jesus.

    • Sagan says:

      that ‘proof’ video was created as a marketing ploy for NatGeo’s Mermaid special, all of which, (and i mean ALL of which) was entirely created BY NatGeo’s hired CGI team to create a ‘what if’ scenario involving mermaids. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from that show was actual, really real footage, including the ‘hand on the submarine glass’ clip.

  10. The media uses their power through lies to control us. These bodies show up. What would happen if they were to actually run tests, and honestly… they’d still make some Hollywood cover up, this happens all the time. WAKE UP EVERYONE. THE MEDIA DOES THIS ALLL THE TIME.

  11. someone says:

    If this is real, it doesnt mean that its the end of the world. This may be another species lind of living thing that we can communicate or make friends with. You never know whether they are real, you cant be 100% sure right? Maybe mermaids are hiding from humans because we might harm them. I do believe that something happen between humans in the ancient times. Its just not written in our history. I believe that mermaids exists.

  12. smh says:

    You people are so stupid. It says it’s a creation for Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyone who believes in mermaids and/or ghosts should be sterilized and assigned to cleaning our streets and city parks.

    • I meannnn says:

      I didn’t believe in ghosts either. Until my clock started spinning backwards and stopping at a certain time, every time. And we watched things move on their own and fall of shelves. And I heard people walking up and down my stairs when no one was home. Then we found out that someone overdosed in that house. But I get it, you won’t believe it until you experience it for yourself. I just wouldn’t be so quick to judge

      • ur an says:

        big idiot if you actually believe that crap

      • Emre says:

        this is not ghost. This is fake. for movie scene. not real sea girl.They are trying to deceive people. But real genie. İf you are muslim, you can know. And I say you: not real reincarnation 🙂

      • Sagan says:

        OMFG DID YOU EVEN READ WHAT THAT PERSON WROTE?!? you’re coming on a page that clearly states it is artwork, and the guy said, stop saying, “oh this is totally a real mermaid’ to all the dimwits saying its a real mermaid, and you’re arguing a completely mindless, inane, unrelated topic as if it has anything to do with statues created for a movie, or the utterly addlepated, half-witted, simpletons coming on here to talk about the validity of the mermaid being ‘real’. HOLY SHIT we have devolved into the most mentally defective dingbats ever to subsist throughout the universe. This pains me greatly.

  13. mj says:


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  15. Heather says:

    This is a film website, peeps. Whether these are real or fake “mermaids” was never a question. Obviously, being on a website about film, they’re props. It is tragic that this has to be explained.

  16. morteza.73 says:


  17. filmon says:

    this is not really ,hollaywood create it

  18. daniel says:

    am afraid this is real and we are near to the end of world but did God really create all this stuff

    • Common Sense says:

      Hello, my name is common sense, and I’m here to inform you that the logical thing to do is to take note of the title.

      Mermaid bodies by Joel Harlow for Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (photo Michael Spatola)

      The title clearly states “…for Pirates of the Caribbean…” Therefore, these are fake.

      “…by Joel Harlow…” Therefore, these were created by an artist.

      I would suggest you use me more often.

      Until next time,
      Common Sense

  19. Bebelisto says:

    I seared for pauline mondala but no luck Roberto provide the link

  20. Phesta says:

    There is no proof that 95% of the ocean is unexplored. I believe that mermaids exist just like ghosts.

  21. JC says:

    Si las sirenas son reales o no, es i te salva ni condena, por eso a un que existan no tienen que ser mencionadas en la biblia, como muchos animales que no estan en la biblia y existen, especies marinas y terrestres. Hay que hablar con entendimiento. Por que no puedo creer que existan, si cada dia se descubren nuevos planetas y soles. Eso no afecta la verdad de la Biblia.

  22. JC says:

    If mermaids are real or not is i save or condemn you, so there is not a need to be mentioned in the Bible, as many animals that are not in the bible and there, marine and terrestrial species. We must speak with understanding. Why I can not believe they exist, if every day new planets and suns are discovered. That does not affect the truth of the Bible.

  23. yadira says:

    Yes mermaids are real they dont look so pretty and nice how they put them out to be but they are real just look up mermaid body parts on YouTube and there will be a video watch it and it tells you everything you need to know about them.

  24. […] mysterious creature above was not a mermaid washed ashore in Bulgaria, but a prop from the 2011 movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. That prop was created by special […]

  25. paradelasilver says:

    i believe that mairmades are true please give them respect. what weve seen

  26. Romy van Borkulo says:

    Mermaids are created by sailors a long time ago. When they were out in the open sea for a long period of time without seeing any woman their imagination takes over. They were seeing things in the water and also animals, now known as the doojong or seacow, who are big with tails and also have two breasts between their flippers like a woman has. They were calling them seawoman and later in started to call them mermaids. So here is the story about how the mermaid became a real ‘fake’ creature who only exists in fairy tales and folklore. Ni god, no bible thing just a creature made up by horny sailors.

    • Karen Marie Vela says:

      no. sea cows or manatees, do NOT have breasts. no animal in the ocean does

      • Partially correct says:

        As it turns out, the myth of mermaids did originate from dugongs. Dugongs, however are not manatees, or sea cows. They are an entirely different species, but are closely related. They do not have human-like breasts, but allegedly have human-like genitalia. When a sailor caught one in a net while fishing, it was believed that they had to have sex with it to appease evil spirits.

  27. chrysaetos says:

    do they really exist? we know this one is fake

  28. chrysaetos says:

    so awesome!!! fiction or reality here is the question

    • Heather says:

      No, it was never a question. This photo wasn’t posted to start up a debate about whether mermaids exist or not.

  29. Euclid says:

    Mermaids are real. Humans have explored less than five percent of the ocean. So how can u say that they’re fake??.

    • joe males says:

      ok if the are real what do they feed on? coz most of the sea or water creatures are known with what they eat.

      • Someone says:

        Technically, mermaids are backed by science. Nothing can ever be proved not to exist, but can be proven to exist. Regardless of whether or not they are real does not matter. Also, they could feed on known or unknown species, and still remain unknown. If you do some research, you’ll learn that on scientific explorations, we have covered very little of the ocean. Even if we did explore the ocean floor in its entirety, we still would not find all underwater species. This is due to the fact that most animals are not stationary. They migrate, and in the ocean, they can migrate in two more directions than land animals can: North, West, South, East, Up, Down, and all directions in between. Scientists are discovering tens of thousands of new species every year. (Hundreds per day)

        In all honesty, the odds are against your statement.

  30. jhude says:

    even it is fake we are not the only thing that God has created….there are some creatures that cannot be seen by naked eye but really exist..please respect those who believe in this such mysterious fact…

  31. Annabelle C. Ramos says:

    They look horrible, though..How would I even try to sneak at them when I get the chance to prove they do exist if they look that way? Really horrible.

  32. Annabelle C. Ramos says:

    I like to see one of their kind one day. It’s not about that I believe they exist but because I just want to wonder more about the things we tend not to know, especially those being not seen.

  33. trodny says:

    Mermaid it doesn’t even exist it just a bedtime story or comics book!! There’s no writen on bible about that kind of creatures!!

    • elvie says:

      95% of the ocean is not yet discovered how can you say mermaids don’t exist?

    • Kim says:

      They are not real just because they aren’t in the bible? rofl.
      That means Cars, airplanes, highways, computers, internet isn’t real either, nothing in the bible about that.

      The bible is NOT reality. Open your eyes, you might think that the bible is gods written words, but it’s still written down by humans.

  34. Franklin Molleno says:

    I think it was just a sort of what the imagination of every humans and the artistic ability of man kind in accordance with arts and culture .
    also it may be a fact but try to look for the instances that we humans don’t know everything in this planet earth.

    it depends on people on how they would judge the image of the mermaid

  35. jeffrey says:

    mermaid is real
    the real fake is us.

  36. RABSTATIC says:

    Its fake 100% “Joel Harlow is a designer take a look!

  37. oblivion says:

    correct me if I’m wrong but i notice that thing has a KNEE.. they’re half fish right, ever seen a fish with a knee or those mythical creatures Mermaid, Gorgon and Siren

  38. Louise says:

    I think it’s real

  39. sa says:

    omg its luking realy real so u thnk it can be a real 1

  40. austin ames says:

    ITS REAL OR FAKE?????????? I THINK IT’S FAKE BECAUSE it is only use to the scene

  41. adelyn says:

    maybe thats a real mermaid?
    why does god created a mermaid name?
    why that every people saids its a fake?
    who does dont believe?
    if there is a word mermaids?
    why does that pictures that you can see at the pics?
    who created a name of a mermaid?

    • angelyn says:

      god created a mermaids when there is a named mermaid
      my question/ask who created a mermaid word?
      there is a point of adelyn questions

      • joy says:

        its the human who created the word “mermaid”…not God….and if that is a real one why is there are knees…?? its a REAL FAKE…:)

        • Grammar says:

          I’m sorry, but all 3 of you have terrible grammar…

          Also, these are props for a movie, thus indicating that they are fake. Not real. Read the title.

          • wtf says:

            Wow, the stupidity in this entire thread is at an all time high. READ THE HEADLINE PEOPLE!!! And for the love of GRAMMAR, go back to grade school!! I’ve never seen a thread with such atrocious grammar! Although, I guess I should consider my first statement as to the reason…

  42. rommel says:

    fake.. mermaids doesn’t have eyebrows 😀

  43. ahsple says:

    oh ? its real fake but why ??
    and wat happen to mermaid ?

  44. imphilia says:

    Of course its 100% fake READ THE CAPTION please it was created for the pirate of the carribean scene

    • yayapr says:

      Smh thank u. These people dont know jow to read. But i DO believe in mermaids just not that they look like these at all.

  45. Denver B. Jamesolanim says:

    correct! that is fake 100%..

  46. johair says:

    is that true..???

  47. Bella says:

    God did not created this kind of thing!! its absolutely FAKE!!!

    • nonono says:

      oh and lets not forget the “god” of the sea Poseidon / Nāmaka which if in fact he was real , could of been classified as a merman in today’s society….




      Harpy – A half-bird, half-woman creature of Greek mythology, portrayed sometimes as a woman with bird legs.

      Lilitu – A woman with bird legs sometimes with wings found in later Greek mythology.

      Kinnara – Half-human, half-bird in later Indian mythology.

      Dagon – A half-man, half-fish deity.
      Ichthyocentaurs – Creatures that have the torsos of a man or woman, the front legs of a horse, and the tails of a fish.

      Mermaid/Merman – A race of half-human, half-fish creatures.
      Triton – A Greek God who is the same as Merman. Some depictions have him with two fish tails.

      Matsya – An avatar of Lord Vishnu that is half-man half-fish.
      Sirena – A mermaid from Philippine folklore.
      Siren – A fish-like woman close to a mermaid, but not quite. Most are described to have scaley skin.
      Siyokoy – Mermen with scaled but humanoid bodies from Philippine folklore. It is the male counterpart of the Sirena.

      Fu Xi – A god said to have been made by Nu Wa.
      Lamia – Like a mermaid but with the lower body like that of a snake.
      Nü Wa – A woman with the lower body of a serpent in Chinese folklore.
      Ketu – An Asura who has the lower parts of a snake and said to have four arms.
      Nāga – A term referring to human/snake mixes of all kinds
      Nure-onna – A creature with the upper body of a woman with the lower body of a snake.

      Im just gonna stop here …. the list is enormous !!!!

  48. jason madayag says:

    how she die ??? what cost ???

    • mee says:

      At the cost of your stupidity…. This is fake and your a moron for even thinking this photo was of real stuff…

  49. Stephanie Eunice Abando says:

    We still don’t knowif this is real or fake because 95% of our oceans are not yet discovered

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