This is Cool! The BACK TO THE FUTURE Phenomenon Examined by the Delorean itself in a new Documentary Film Project!

Stephen Clark over at passed this onto us to share with our readers and we just love this concept. Back in Time is an ambitious Back to the Future documentary film project with a unique vision and is happy to announce that the crowdfunding phase of their development has opened up with a Kickstarter project. For the next 40+ days, the filmmakers will be seeking backers for their unique film, to the tune of $33,000. Director Jason Aron and his production partners are set to steal the show at the 30th anniversary “We’re Going Back” celebration of the Back to the Future with their Back in Time documentary project, which focuses on the DeLorean Time Machine. The cultural impact of the movie franchise is the main element Aron and his partners want to examine. With regular references to phrases like “88 miles per hour,” “1.21 gigawatts,” “flux capacitor,” and many, many more having crept into the vernacular, the films have clearly had a lasting impact on modern pop culture. The documentary crew is determined to examine the depth and breadth of the ripples caused by the films. Click ahead for details on what looks to be quite an amazing film!


With major DeLorean “Time Machine” players like Joe Walser and Ken Kapalowski having signed off on the project—meaning the documentary is already slated to premier at the October 2015 “We’re Going Back” celebration—and others in the Back to the Future community ready to take active part in telling the unique story of this worldwide hit series, the film has already made huge strides in pre-production.

In order to build on this solid foundation, the team is turning to fans of the Back to the Future franchise for their support. The Kickstarter project page for the film lists a wide variety of attractive pledge levels perfect for fans of all types.

With such iconic subject matter, a truly compelling star (the DeLorean, including one of the original props from Back to the Future), and the talent of the production team, Back in Time is sure to be a success. Yet getting the film made is going to take the help of the fans. The larger the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the bigger (more interviews, more participants) the film will be in the end. Aron and the team hope that backers will give generous support and—of course—let all their friends know about this unique proposition.

The Back in Time Kickstarter page is available here and will run through Sunday, August 11th.

About Back in Time and the Filmmakers
Back in Time is a Northeast-based Back to the Future documentary film project as seen from the perspective of the Time Machine itself, the Delorean. The film is set to capitalize on the excitement behind the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future in 2015. The 25th anniversary “We’re Going Back” festivities were spectacular, and the film’s crew are eager to add this documentary’s premier to what already promises to be a truly phenomenal event. With 2015 the setting of Back to the Future Part II, and the number 30 being prominent in the series’ time travel, expectations are higher than ever for this event, and Back in Time promises to be a keystone of the festivities.

New York-based Director Jason Aron has been active in filmmaking for the past decade, and his work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. He has a background in the professional sports sector, having interviewed everyone from team owners down through players across diverse organizations. With an interest in the film series which dates back to recording the first Back to the Future film—line by line—on a tape recorder, Jason’s commitment to the material of this documentary is second to none.

Lead Cinematographer Greg Lassik’s New Jersey-based Endless Wave Studios has been in the business of telling stories for more than ten years. His unique specialty is in telling the story of couples embarking on the next phase of their lives by creating moving wedding stories. The veteran eye he brings to the project will no doubt prove invaluable during our various Back in Time’s travels. (…time travels. *rimshot*)

Executive Producer Louis Krubich spent half a decade working in production for various companies—primarily MTV Networks—before becoming one of the principals at Hoboken-based production startup Malka Media Group. The company provides production services for a broad range of industries, including sports, music, education, charity, and more. While at Viacom he worked with a small team dedicated to creating custom promotional content for upcoming blockbuster films, an experience he plans to put to good use on this project.

For more information on the Back In Time film, visit the official site at, and check in on social media sites twitter and The Kickstarter page for the Back In Time film is accessible at


Back In Time Movie Poster

Back In Time Movie Poster


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