THE EMPIRE STRIKES – Lindalee’s Doctor Who Review (GEEK WEEK Special Episode)

Our resident Whovian reporter Lindalee has been enjoying her Summer catching up on 5-year-old kid stuff, getting ready for school to start and eagerly awaiting the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in November. While returning from the playground in her TARDIS, the ship’s navigational circuits malfunctioned and instead of landing back on her Dr. Who Review set, it dropped her down right in the middle of a bowling alley. Lindalee quickly discovers a charity event taking place and hangs out with some of the local Star Wars 501st and the Rebel Legion. What happens when the Doctor Who’niverse and the world of Star Wars collide? Like a fish out of water, Lindalee’s about to have a lot of fun finding out…

Lindalee poses with R2-D2 at the Bowling Event

Lindalee poses with R2-D2 at the Yes I Can charity bowling event




Since its inception in 1995, the International Child Abuse Network has held itself to the following mission statement. Working world-wide to break the cycle of child abuse. This dream is in the form of a private non-profit agency called “YES I CAN.” YES is the affirmation of every individual’s capacity to change and to make a difference. ICAN is the acronym for International Child Abuse Network. As is stated in our mission: “Working worldwide to break the cycle of child abuse,” the services we will provide through this agency will be for anyone who needs assistance or information concerning child abuse. We believe that child abuse could cease to exist if everyone had the capability to receive accurate information about abuse and then had the capacity to receive assistance and support to change. The International Child Abuse Network (Yes ICAN) is a premier provider of crisis, information and referral services world-wide for those who are having issues around child abuse.

For over a decade the local 501st, Rebel Legion and R2 Builders club members of Southern California have donated their time and resources to being a part of the annual Yes I Can bowling tournament, bringing Star Wars to the event and showing that breaking the cycle of child-abuse is important no matter what planet you’re from. Supporters and attendees not only get to bowl to support this cause, but can also take pictures and meet some of their favorite characters from the Star Wars films. And if you’ve never seen a Jawa, Stormtrooper or Astro-Mech droid bowl, then you are in for a treat that’s clearly out of this world!


When Universes Collide...

Lindalee is ovewhelmed when her two favorite sci-fi universes collide…


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