“Buried” – BREAKING BAD, Season 5 Ep.10 (TV Review)



Your favorite Kiwi Lady here again to give you the scoop of last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, “BURIED”. Only 6 episodes to go!  With Vince Gilligan leaving us hanging last week, I really doubt you missed this one.   But just in case an act of God somehow kept you away from AMC, this episode starts up right where we left off with Walt leaving Hank’s garage.  Hank has started to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, but there are still plenty of gaps.   Just as Walt is pulling away he tries to call Skyler, but Hank has beat him to it… read more.




Skyler White (Anna Gunn) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10

Skyler White (Anna Gunn) – Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10

Hank and Sklyer meet at the diner and he tries to record her confession and details about Walt. She stays true and loyal to Walt and doesn’t give him even the tiniest bit of information.  This really eats him up.  He even threatens that she will be much better off without a lawyer and to tell him everything she knows.  She ends up screaming “Am I under arrest?” at him and leaves in a hurry.  She is frantic to reach Walt, but is unable to.

I can’t believe how manipulative Hank is.  He sends in Marie to try to get her to talk.  Skyler breaks down crying, but doesn’t give her anything either.  Marie is so upset she slaps Skyler and tries to take little Holly away with her.  Hank intervenes and she gives Holly back to Skyler as they leave in a rage.

In the mean time, Walt had Saul’s hinchmen to collect all the money in the storage facility.  We are talking like a billion dollars Walt has made over the last few years. Walt drives out to the desert and buries it.  He memorizes the GPS coordinates before he leaves his treasure in the middle of the beautiful Albuquerque landscape.

We haven’t seen Jesse much in this episode.  He has thrown millions of his money out onto lawns around town.  He finally seems truly regretful to have ever been a part of the meth and murder business. Somehow he ends up in the police station in a catatonic state not speaking or even acknowledging anything or anyone around him.

Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10

Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10

In the corporate side of Walt’s old biz, Lydia is still trying to make it work without him.  She is having quality issues with the export to the Czech Republic.  Although she may look prim and proper, she organizes a mass killing of all involved with the low grade blue meth.  She has Todd and his uncle’s gang do her dirty work.  I think she is planning for Todd to take over the manufacturing side, since of course he trained from the master – Walt.

Walt finally comes home late that same evening, dirty and exhausted from his big dig in the desert.  His cancer treatment has made him weak and he passes out for several hours.  Skyler is right by his side when he wakes up.  He wants to turn himself in as long as she promises to keep the money for the kids.  All he’s ever wanted was to take care of his family, right?  He wants to make sure he didn’t do all this for nothing.  When she tells him that Hank only has suspicion and she has not told him anything, we can see his wheels turning. Hmmmm, what will he do now?

The episode leaves us with Hank going in to visit Jesse in the interrogation room.  Will Jesse be brought out of his silence if Hank questions him about Walt?  AAARGG! Gotta wait another week to find out!

Kiwi Lady signing off from down under with a good-on-ya, stay in school and don’t do drugs.


Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10

Breaking Bad _ Season 5, Episode 10


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